How to Remove Glue from Plastic

Before the introduction of CT1 Multisolve to the market, the process used to remove glue from plastic was basically non-existent. It was an almost impossible task, only attempted by the brave (or those with plenty of time on their hands). There was a huge gap in the market for a glue remover that could properly remove glue from plastic without causing any damage to the plastic itself whilst getting the job done with minimal effort. C-Tec realised this and came up with Multisolve, the multi-purpose solvent and glue remover which is more than able to safely remove glue from plastic in just a few short minutes.

What makes Multisolve different from others of its kind is the fact that it is completely safe to use – for both the user and the materials involved. There are many types of Glue, but the majority of these glues contain solvents which etch into the Plastic. In many soft flexible Plastics, this becomes almost impossible to remove, as the Glue amalgamates with the Plastic. Separating the two without harming the plastic is quite a challenge, but Multisolve manages to make it look easy.

CT1/Multisolve has been developed to Remove Glue safely from almost any material, but especially Plastic. Multisolve will Remove Glue from Plastic by detaching the molecular bond between the Glue and Plastic. The conventional Glue removers use a burning action which will Remove the Glue but also burn or remove the Plastic. A typical application of Removing Glue from Plastic is Glue from a dashboard. C-Tec Multisolve will dispense this job with ease. It is a unique aliphatic safe solvent, based on hydro carbon with no harm to the user or damage to materials/Plastics.

Not only is C-Tec Multisolve brilliant at Removing Glue from Plastic but also for Removing Glue from: – Glass, Fabric, Wood, Metal, Stone, GRP and a multitude of other different surfaces and materials. This unique solvent can also be used to remove materials such as sealants, adhesives, tar, oil, grease, chewing gum, printing ink and even bird droppings. Since plastic can be quite delicate, it is important to avoid using harsh chemicals when trying to remove glue from plastic. This is achieved with Multisolve, which is gentle but powerful.

Multisolve is fast working and will get to work as soon as it makes contact with the glue. It is a multipurpose solvent degreaser, leaving no trace of an oily film behind it. As a 100% aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent, this product contains no recycled solvents which makes it safe to use on the majority of plastics. It can also be used on painted surfaces without removing the paint in the process.

Have to Remove Glue from Plastic? – Reach for C-Tec Multisolve.


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