How to Remove Glue from Metal

To Remove Glue from Metal is no easy task. The molecules of the glue seep into the pores of the metal, resulting in a very strong attachment. To remove this glue from the metal is normally attempted by using spray oil, with the hopes that the oil will detach the glue from the metal. Once this is achieved, a scrapper would then be used to mechanically remove the glue from the metal. This may work, but you then have the danger of scoring the metal. The most effective method to remove glue from metal is to use CT1 Multisolve.

CT1 Multisolve has been specifically developed to Remove Glue from a multitude of materials. Multisolve will remove the glue safely with no damage to the user or to the metal. Multisolve is a unique aliphatic hydro carbon from the friendly family of solvents. Not only will Multisolve Remove the Glue from the Metal, but it will also remove the stubborn glue residue. When the glue has been removed and should you need to stick the metal to any other material, simply reach for our CT1 The Unique Sealant and Construction Adhesive which adheres to metal and many other materials such as wood, plastic, concrete, glass and lead etc.

The most difficult metal to try and Remove Glue from is light alloys such as aluminium. The reason being, aluminium is so soft that damage will occur very easily when using harsh glue removers to Remove Glue from Metal. The most common glue you find on metal is a P.V.A., however if it is a two component like an epoxy it becomes a lot more difficult to remove the glue. Thankfully, Multisolve does not cause any problems like this when it comes to removing glue from aluminium.

Many satisfied customers contact us to say how fast Multisolve Removes Gluey Stickers from Metal, such as new window frames. Some larger stickers have a tenacious glue residue left behind once the sticker has been removed. Multisolve will take off all of the glue residue off from the surface without any complications. People often ask “What happens if I try to Remove Glue from Metal that is painted”? Good question, Multisolve is very gentle and has the unique ability to Remove Glue from Metal with no damage whatsoever to the paint. This is due to the chemical make-up of CT1 Multisolve.

CT1 Multisolve not only is affective in Removing Glue from Metal but also glue from glass, plastic, ceramic and numerous other materials. Typically, when bonding a rear view mirror you can get an over spill of glue onto the metal and glass. CT1 Multisolve will Remove the Glue with ease. Trying to Remove Superglue from Metal is very challenging, Multisolve will do it but it takes a lot longer to work.

In Conclusion:

Q:  How to Remove Glue from metal

A:  CT1 Multisolve.


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