How to Remove Glue from Glass


Removing glue from glass is quite tricky because you want to remove the glue without etching or scratching the glass in the process. So, how is this done? Most regular solvents available on the market are quite harsh and won’t hesitate to harm the glass if it means removing the glue. This is of course not what you should be looking for in a glue remover, especially when it comes to removing glue from glass. Professionals will always avoid such solvents and instead turn to the product they know will work best and that is C-Tec Multisolve.

This solvent is perfect for removing glue from glass because it does so without damaging the surface of the glass. Multisolve removes many different types of glues including P.U. Glue, superglue, rubber solution slues and even acrylics. Multisolve will quickly and safely remove the glue from the glass without harming it or the user. You need to be careful when choosing which glue remover to use because many will cause skin irritation and redness when contact is made with the skin. However, CT1 Multisolve will never harm the skin or the surface of the glass. It will simple remove the glue without any hassle or complications – the perfect solvent glue remover.

Multisolve will detach the molecules of glue from the glass which has seeped deep into the pours of the glass, hence making it so difficult to remove glue from glass. Unlike conventional solvents, Multisolve will not stain the glass when removing the glue. Multisolve, in fact, is the ultimate glue remover from almost any surface. Simply spray, wait and wipe the glue away in under 15 minutes. This fantastic solvent will not leave any oily film behind in its tracks. When removing glue, there’s nothing more frustrating than finding sticky residue left behind on the surface of the glass. Multisolve removes this residue easily with seamless results.

You can remove many types of glue from glass with Multisolve, the options are endless. This is particularly useful when it comes to removing glue from windows in the home or the car etc. Having a handy 200ml or 500ml aerosol of Multisolve in the house means never having to worry about cleaning difficult to remove substances such as tar, chewing gum, wax, grease, oil, silicone and sealants etc. This fascinating product from C-Tec removes them all and is incredibly easy to use. It even removes glue from mirrored surfaces. For example, if you have recently bought a new mirror and can’t seem to budge the price sticker from the corner of the glass, a few sprays of Multisolve will have the job done in a few short seconds.

How to remove glue from glass?



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