How to Remove Glue from Ceramic Tiles


If you are in the process of doing some decorative housework or you will be using adhesives or glues near ceramic tiles, you may want to be extra careful that you don’t accidentally spill some onto the floor. It is a good idea, that is spillage does occur, to clean up the mess as soon as possible. Having a handy creosol of Multisolve in your tool box will ensure that you are always ready to deal with such accidents and take immediate action.

What is Multisolve?

Multisolve is a multi-purpose and fast acting solvent – otherwise known as the world’s best glue remover. It can tackle anything from tar and grease to sealants and silicone etc. The most common use of Multisolve is to remove glue and other forms of adhesives from base materials. Unlike most solvents, which embody a burning sensation to etch into the substance (and often the surrounding surface area as a result), it will remove the adhesive without burning the base material. This results in a flawless clean-up operation that ensures safe glue removal every time.

Multisolve is a safe solvent degreaser, making it the perfect option for anyone to use. Thankfully, after you have finished using this solvent to remove glue from tiles, you will not be left with any oily film. Another advantage, as mentioned above, is the fact that Multisolve is completely safe to use. The reason for this is because it is an aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent, containing no presence of recycled or harmful solvents in its chemical make-up.

Cleaning Glue from Tiles

When you find glue on the surface of your bathroom or kitchen tiles, it can be tempting to attack it with hot soap and water. Whilst this method can work for gentle glues, you will require something a lot more effective for the removal of stronger adhesives. This is where Multisolve enters the equation.

Simply point the nozzle towards the glue and spray as needed. Allow time for the solvent to work into the glue. This will not only soften the adhesive, but it will begin to gently lift it from the surface of your ceramic tiles. You will begin to notice that the glue becomes a lot easier to remove. You can take some form of scalpel to help with the initial removal of the glue. It is then a good idea to use a damp cloth to scrub away any adhesive residue that has been left behind. What you should be left with is a clear and clean surface area with no glue – or solvent, in sight.

How can you get your hands on Multisolve?

If you would like to purchase Multisolve, take a look at our list of distributors to find one near you.

When you need to clean glue from tiles, there is no better option than C-Tec’s Multisolve – the ultimate strongest glue and adhesive remover!


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