How to Remove Excess Paint After Stripping

If you use heaters or sanders to strip paint from a surface, you may be unsatisfied with your results. Abrasive tools will only be able to remove so much paint and, if you’re working with a soft and permeable surface like wood, you may be left with more unsightly excess paint than you planned for. If this sounds familiar to you, and you want to know how to get a better finish and remove any leftover paint after stripping, keep reading.

Stripping paint is a laborious but necessary task, whether you want to clean up some graffiti or breathe a new lease of life into your indoor or outdoor furniture, house fixtures, or more! Investing time and effort into paint stripping is a brilliant way to set your DIY project up for success, but it’s not the most glamorous or exciting part. So many of us rush it.

Heaters and sanders are go-to tools for removing paint, but they’re not always the most effective or the fastest. Plus, they struggle to achieve a flawless finish. If you’re looking for a result that’s completely paint-free or is ready for re-coating straight away, these two choices may not be suitable for your project, or you’ll have to take one additional step in order to get your desired outcome.

How to remove paint after stripping

If you’re unsatisfied with your paint stripping results, it’s time to try another method. A chemical paint stripper can be highly effective at removing all paint, including in those hard-to-reach places. While many are hesitant to use chemical paint strippers because of their dangerous reputation, our award-winning product is non-toxic and safe for any beginner DIYer to use in their home.

Peel Tec is the easy-to-use spray-on paint stripper that can remove all that excess paint left over after you’ve finished stripping. Its unique nozzle and product distribution allows it to get into those awkward places, remove paint from fine details, and reach all that paint that your other tools couldn’t adequately remove.

Here’s how to use Peel Tec to remove leftover paint after stripping:


  1. Shake the can well
  2. Hold it 15-30cm away from the surface you want to remove paint from
  3. Point the nozzle at your desired area and squeeze down, distributing a thick layer of the Peel Tec solution
  4. Wait for 5 minutes and watch the paint bubble and peel away!
  5. Use an appropriate tool to scrape away any paint or Peel Tec residue

Toothpicks, teaspoons, and tablespoons can be handy makeshift tools for getting into those tough-to-reach places once Peel Tec has worked its magic. If you’re still struggling, try cutting an old credit card or gift card into the shape you need, and repurpose it into a custom scraper.

Peel Tec is trusted by many professionals across the painting and decorating industry to provide a flawless finish and help prepare a surface perfect for redecorating. But it’s not just available for professionals, anyone can use it!

Pick up your can of Peel Tec today at Wickes stores across the UK.

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