How to Remove Chewing Gum from Shoes

There’s not much worse in everyday life than stepping on chewing gum. The sticky substance somehow always manages to get squished right into the soles of our favourite pairs of shoes, resulting in a tedious and time-wasting task of scraping off as much of the gum as possible. A question that we are often faced with here at C-Tec is How do I remove chewing gum from my shoes? It’s an easy question for us to answer since we have plenty of experience with the matter – but fortunately we have just the right solution for the job.

Multisolve is our very own unique solvent which perfectly removes adhesives without leaving an oily film or any trace of the removed particles behind in its place. Removing chewing gum from your shoes becomes a quick and easy job as long as you use Multisolve. People forget that chewing gum is actually a type of adhesive. It impregnates the pores of the shoes, creating a challenging task in removing it.

CT1 Multisolve is a safe solvent from the aliphatic hydro carbon family of solvents, making it non aggressive to the user or base material. Multisolve has been developed to remove old sealants and adhesives resulting in the perfect solution to remove chewing gum from shoes.

Simply spray on, leave it to penetrate for a few minutes and then simply remove the chewing gum with a cloth. When using Multisolve to remove chewing gum from shoes, you can be assured that Multisolve will not damage the leather or synthetic material. This is because, although powerful, this product is actually quite gentle in comparison to others of its kind. Most traditional solvents used to remove chewing gum, triggers a burning sensation to help remove the substance. Whilst it may remove the gum, the solvent used will also end up damaging the surrounding material. To avoid this problem, it is best to opt for Multisolve because it does not harm the base material from which the gum is being removed.

Multisolve is also recommended to be used as preparation before using our CT1 or Power Grab n Bond. Multisolve is able to clean and provide the perfect seamless finish, the ideal solution for both homeowners, DIY enthusiasts and professionals in the construction industry etc.

The ultimate solution for How to Remove Chewing Gum from Shoes is MULTISOLVE.


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