How To Remove Bumper Stickers Without Damaging The Paint

It’s not unusual for a vehicle to have a few bumper stickers. More often than not, the content will be a type of advertisement or message to be read by other vehicles on the road. The sticker itself is an adhesive label and most commonly made of PVC. Removing bumper stickers from the vehicle takes more than scrubbing hot water and soap on its surface. It requires a gentler procedure, one that will not only remove the sticker but will do so without damaging or removing the paint beneath the adhesive.

The most common bumper stickers include messages like “Baby on Board” and “How’s my driving?” etc. Once attached to the vehicle, the bond is usually very strong since the sticker will have to endure varying speeds and temperatures, as well as whatever mother nature decides to throw at it. So, if the sticker won’t budge in the heat, rain or snow, what will remove it?

Multisolve from C-Tec is the only formula that will accurately remove bumper stickers without damaging the paint of the vehicle. Without Multisolve, the process of removing bumper stickers requires a great deal of effort. Car paint can be quite sensitive and incredibly easy to scratch. Because of this, the task requires a gentle but strong solution. In the past, bumper stickers included removable liners which made the removal hassle free. However, the movement of the vehicle paired with altering weather conditions usually left the sticker slumped in a puddle somewhere along a twisting country road. The same goes for magnetic stickers, which can easily knock off the bumper when driving over speed bumps and pot holes etc.

Multisolve removes bumper stickers with only a few sprays. It is the safest solvent and degreaser on the market with the ability to remove adhesives, sealants, silicone, grease, oil and tar etc. without damaging the base material. This solvent will also not harm your skin, unlike many other solvents currently available. As mentioned above, when it comes to removing bumper stickers, you need a solution that will not only remove the adhesive, but do so without causing any damage or harm to the painted surface. This is where Multisolve comes in.

As an aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent, this product ensures the safe and fast removal of bumper stickers. It will get rid of all traces of the sticker itself, as well as the sticker residue often left behind. It will do so without leaving any oily film behind its path, perfect for car-use. Simply spray the solution on the bumper sticker and within minutes, you will see how easily the sticker will start to detach from the bumper. Simply take a cloth, one that will not scratch the paint (microfiber is probably your best option) and wipe away the remainder of the sticker. It should lift without much elbow grease needed.

When it comes to removing bumper stickers, there is no better option than Multisolve.

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