How to Remove Antifouling Paint: A Faster and Easier Way

When it’s time to strip your antifouling paint back, there are several different methods you can use. But only one gets the job done quickly and painlessly.

Removing antifouling paint is a laborious job. Luckily, it’s only necessary when your boat’s bottom is in a bad way. Years of antifouling paint build-up (even self-eroding paint) can impact your boat’s performance as well as look unsightly. Signs that your antifoul paint needs replacing include craters caused by layers of old paint, flaking paint and ragged edges, and blisters. When these appear, it’s time to remove the build-up.

Removing antifouling paint means stripping your boat’s bottom back to its bare hull. To do this, you have a choice of three different removal methods: sanding, scraping, and stripping. While sanding and scraping are viable options for removing antifouling paint, paint stripper is a highly effective method that many boat owners use. Using a powerful paint stripper can drastically reduce the time and energy it takes to successfully remove antifoul from your boat’s bottom, preparing it perfectly for recoating. But what paint stripper is best for your boat?

Chemical paint strippers can work with varying degrees of success, depending on the surface material. You should always choose a paint stripper that works well with your base material, and even then, doing a quick test is always advised. One paint stripping product that works with the same clinical efficiency on a wide variety of materials, including wood, fibreglass, metal, and more, is Peel Tec.

Peel Tec is the fast and easy-to-use gel solution that gets to work peeling paint away in under ten minutes. It can drastically reduce the labour required to remove multiple layers of antifoul acquired over many years as Peel Tec’s unique formulation works quickly and effectively with minimal effort. So how does this revolutionary chemical paint stripping product work?

To remove antifouling paint, simply grab your can of Peel Tec, shake it well, then point the unique nozzle at your boat’s bottom. Hold the can about 30cm from your desired area, then press down to distribute the gel-like solution. Spray the solution thickly and evenly over your desired surface, and watch the antifouling paint start to dissolve. Peel Tec starts peeling paint away that quickly! Wait ten minutes for the Peel Tec to work its antifoul-removal magic, then grab a scraper and use it to remove any antifoul residue. Repeat as necessary.

If your boat needs antifoul paint removing, there’s no need to reach for a marine-specific paint stripper. Peel Tec is the ultimate paint removal product for any surface, including on your boat ­– it’s no one-trick pony! It works with the same powerful efficiency on stone, asphalt, metal, and many, many more surfaces. Plus, Peel Tec is incredibly safe to use, as it’s formulated without methyl chloride, making it the safe, fast, and effective choice to remove antifouling paint!

To check out Peel Tec in action, watch this video of it removing antifouling paint.

Make the next time you remove antifouling paint a breeze by picking up your can of Peel Tec from our retail partner, Wickes.

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