How to Reduce Bathroom Germs Without Cleaning

The best way to keep your bathroom clean is to clean it regularly – right? Of course, the number one way to achieve a completely sanitary bathroom is with consistent and thorough cleaning, but what if you could reduce the bacteria and microbes in your bathroom to ensure an even more sanitary bathroom, in-between cleans?

Your bathroom surfaces play a big part in keeping your bathroom germ-free. Different materials help or hinder microbe survival. Your bathroom mat, for example, may be a prime hotspot for bacteria growth, meanwhile your porcelain sink may be less adept at harboring microbes. But have you considered how your bathroom sealant performs under pressure from germs?

Take a look around your bathroom and you’ll see sealant in a variety of prime germ locations. Your bath, shower tray, sink, toilet, and even tiles, may all have some type of sealant keeping them in place and giving your bathroom a modern, clean finish. However, did you know that your sealant can also act as a barrier against bathroom germs?

When you think of a clean bathroom, your sealant likely isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But replacing your existing bathroom sealant with a sealant that’s proven to reduce germs by 99.99% can improve the cleanliness of your bathroom on a micro (and macro!) level.

We’re all more aware than ever of the damage a few germs can do. Microbes and bacteria can lead to health issues as well as unsightly mould and fungal growth in your bathroom. While cleaning is the best way to actively remove these germs, replacing your sealant with one that stops microbes from multiplying and kills bacteria is an effective yet passive way to improve your bathroom’s overall sanitation. Plus, it’s more time and energy efficient!

So, what is this miracle sealant? BT1 from C-Tec is the ultimate bathroom sealant and adhesive which has unique resistance to mould and fungal infestation. BT1 is a hybrid polymer unlike any other as it’s formulated with our revolutionary TRIBRID® technology and without solvents and isocyanates. In plain terms, that means BT1 is the healthiest sealant option for bathrooms, kitchens, and more!

We’re proud that BT1 is so safe that it carries not one but two prestigious certifications. BT1 Ultimate Bathroom Sealant and Adhesive is both EC1 Plus Certified (A+ Indoor Air Comfort GOLD®) and carries an ISEGA Food Preparation Certificate. In fact, BT1 is recognized as a prime sanitaryware product that’s even recommended for use in all public Health institutions, including hospitals and clinics.

BT1 is not only an incredibly safe sealant and adhesive – it’s also a highly powerful one too, making it a great all-round bathroom DIY product. So, if you’re looking for an effective and long-lasting solution that can improve the sanitariness of your bathroom between cleans, replacing your sealant with BT1 could be the option for you.

BT1 is now available to purchase online and in-store at Wickes. Look for BT1 at any of the 230 Wickes stores or order yours from the Wickes website today.

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