How to reattach a loose heel to a boot.

Just as Murphy’s law describes the inevitably of things going wrong and at the most inopportune time, the same principle seems to apply to unexpected events such as your boot heel becoming dislodged at the most inconvenient time. It always seems to happen well away from a cobbler’s shop and any possibility of having it quickly and professionally reattached or replaced. The question foremost in your mind at this point is – what can I do to resolve the issue? Unfortunately very little as you do not have the means at hand to restore your footwear to its original working condition. A cobbler will use a super glue to fix the heel in place and of course you have none available to attempt an on the spot repair. A revolutionary new super glue has been researched and developed to replace all previously used adhesives for multiple bonding jobs with practically any material. Its potency as a sheer strength bonding agent has made it a complete success with the Construction Industry for whom it was initially designed. Superfast Plus from CT1, the home of the Snag List Eliminator and a family of illustrious adhesives and sealants is an extremely strong super glue that bonds with complete efficiency and will provide an instant and permanent means of reattaching a loose boot heel.

New high tensile superglue for all bonding applications.

A thin layer of Superfast Plus will adhere the loose boot heel with permanent effect. You do not need a professional to do the job. If you have the adhesive you can complete the task yourself, saving money in the process. This amazing superglue is a one component solvent free adhesive that bonds almost any materials with an instant vice like grip that can withstand temperature fluctuations and atmospheric changes. Its unique formulation and effectiveness have made it the go to adhesive product of choice for an ever increasing number of building professionals who have first hand experience of its efficient application across all building trades and multiple bonding jobs. It has gained amazing commendation and ever growing distribution traction among Builders Suppliers across the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and Europe. Moreover, it has become very popular with DIY enthusiasts and domestic and household users who are continuing to endorse and praise its brilliant adhesive qualities. Another  appealing thing about Superfast Plus is its deliverability to the target surface from its container bottle via a nozzle that offers controlled distribution of the product. For further convenience it also comes in an aerosol form. This revolutionary adhesive offers a solution with no heating, soldering or mixing required. Simply spread frugally on the material, or boot heel surface in this instance, reattach the heel and press firmly into position to give you instant grab and an effective bonding. Your boot is  made for walking once again!


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