How to quickly stick wide heavy skirting to plasterboard walls.

If you are replacing old skirting with new it is difficult to trace where the sixteen inch centred grounds are for nailing the skirting board. Once you hammer in the first nail or screw, the skirting covers the old nail holes hiding them from sight – then it becomes a real chore literally guessing where the grounds actually are. You can purchase an electronic gadget that apparently tells you where the upright studs are located in the plasterboard wall but that is an extra expense you can do without. Nailing literally a few inches from the floor is a taxing job even for the young and fit and if your eyesight is not the best then its a bit of a nightmare. The conventional method of nail or screw should be consigned to the museum of carpentry and replaced with a much faster and more friendly means of attachment. The question is – are there alternative solutions that are fast, effective and easily applied? The challenge is to find a heavy duty adhesive of construction strength that can be easily applied to the skirting board so it simply sticks in place with a little pressure. In fairness there are alternative adhesive solutions but the downside is that none perform optimally to deliver the efficient and permanent bonding job that is required. Some lack strength while others work temporarily and fall off to give you more hassle than you expected. “So what is the current situation?” I hear you ask. Providentially a new revolutionary effective adhesive solution has quite recently become available to fill that efficient product gap in the adhesive market.

A new revolutionary heavy duty adhesive is fit for purpose.

Power Grab n Bond, the brainchild of CT1, has exploded onto the adhesive market as a versatile industrial strength solution that is fit for purpose and perfect for practically all challenging and tough adhesive tasks. This engineered structural bond is astronomically strong yet easy to apply. After some time spent researching and developing the product CT1 have come up with a winner to join their inventory of very successful sealants and adhesives to the Construction Industry. Designed specifically for heavy duty vertical bonding this amazing adhesive possesses immediate grab while retaining a flexibility that does not compromise its incredible strength. Dimensions of materials poses no problem to Power Grab n Bond and its versatility makes it compatible with most materials including wood, plasterboard, concrete, brick, metal and glass to mention but a few. The product’s fine attributes include resistance to impact, vibration, weather extremes, temperature fluctuations, material movement and its solvent free formulation provides an adhesive solution that does not shrink or erode but remains strong and effective in any external or interior conditions. This non corrosive product effectively replaces all mechanical fixings and supports so it is a one stop solution for all bonding applications.  Its efficiency has attracted the praise and endorsement of trades people in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway and its popularity as the ‘go to’ adhesive for all tough tasks continues to grow among the DIY sector as an excellent bonding product.

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