How to quickly repair a leak in a car’s water pump

When a leak occurs in a car’s cooling system water pump, it needs to be remedied at once to prevent sustained over-heating and resulting damage to the engine. Traditionally a mechanic had to be consulted or the car brought quickly to a garage necessitating time and expense in either having the water pump repaired or replaced, the latter being the normal solution advised.

This also means the vehicle being out of commission and off the road, which can be a great inconvenience to the driver and family. The question is – can you find an alternative solution that is instant permanent and safe? There are a variety of liquid sealants on the market that claim to repair all water leaks but they do not unfortunately adhere to the full set of criteria that ensures an effective and safe sealant solution. You may well ask exactly what criteria must a feasible sealant comply with. The checklist includes the solution’s capability to seal instantly and permanently any leak in the system including the circulation pump. It must do so without clogging the system and without compromising any working mechanical part or seals thereof. That means that the product should contain non corrosive elements as well as protective added lubricants to protect the heating system’s integrity. It should also be compatible with whatever inhibitor is already in the system so it will continue to seal the leak whatever antifreeze is deployed. A big ask you may well say and only recently has the solution been provided to comply with the full criteria for an effective and safe sealant. Miracle Seal has provided a light at the end of the metaphorical leaking water pump tunnel!

A revolutionary new formulation is ideal sealant for water leaks

A revolutionary new water leak solution is now available from C Tec, the inventor of an illustrious family of successful adhesives and sealants developed specifically for the Construction Industry. Miracle Seal is revolutionary in its ability to seal leaks instantly and permanently without blocking any part of the cooling system, including the water pump. This amazing product complies totally with the full criteria for a completely safe and effective sealant in cooling systems. Its versatility makes it effective in not just sealing the immediate leak but in providing a seal throughout the system so preempting any further potential leaks due to weaknesses in pipe ripples, poorly tightened joints or defective pumps. Its chemical formulation provides protection against corrosion and is compatible with all types of water based coolants ensuring that its ability to seal the leak is not compromised by antifreeze. The formula also contains lubrication additives which protect the pump, seals and all mechanical parts against any degradation. Another wonderful aspect of this sealant is that it works on both plastic and copper fittings and pipes, making it a very unique sealant product. Its continual resistance to high pressure in cooling and heating systems makes it ideal for curing leaks in those conditions. MIracle Seal is the miraculous water leak sealant that you have been waiting for!

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