How to patch cracked car headlights

Should you experience a cracked or broken headlight whilst driving, the immediate thought is how to secure or patch the lens until a replacement is fitted. If it occurs at night time there is the added urgency to secure the lens and protect the light bulb from damage. If headlights were to fail in this scenario it would necessitate either looking for immediate help or abandoning the vehicle until the next morning. Neither choice is an easy option particularly if the incident takes place in a remote area where personal safety and car theft are a real concern. There is a ready made solution to resolve the crisis should it happen and a means of avoiding the anxiety caused by sudden damage to your car headlights. Very often lights are broken or cracked through stones being thrown up by vehicles travelling in front or by passing vehicles coming in the opposite direction. Such an unannounced event should be preempted with a ready made solution you can activate immediately. Having a tube of superglue at hand in your glovebox compartment is an excellent way of resolving the broken lens problem. Fixing the crack is made possible as is deflecting potential lone driver anxiety. The challenge is finding a super glue that actually does what it says on the tin and is capable of resolving this particular problem on the spot. The most effective solution will seal the lens, enabling the lights to continue to work efficiently until a replacement lens is fitted. Indeed an effective superglue will bond and seal the damaged lens in a permanent fashion which may discount the need for any lens replacement at all. The question remains – is there such a super glue available?

A recently developed superglue bonds practically any materials rapidly and efficiently.

The good news is that a recently developed superglue is taking the construction industry by storm. Designed specifically with that sector in mind it possesses the technical credentials to make it one of the strongest and long lasting bonding solutions on the market. Researched, developed and manufactured by CT1, it is proving to be hugely popular across a range of industries due to its sheer strength and versatility. It is used in multiple applications with great effectiveness and success. The product is named Superfast Plus which indicates the extra tensile strength and durability of this super glue. Its distribution is both national and Europe wide and it has developed an enviable reputation among trades people as the best gluing solution available. It has become de facto, the go to gluing solution for practically all bonding needs. It is designed to bond almost any materials and as a one component adhesive whose formulation is based on cyanoacrylate it is solvent free and bonds on a molecular level. The technical jargon masks the practical reality that this product bonds with great effectiveness. To the consumer it is simply an excellent colourless superglue that glues rapidly and efficiently, is impervious to extreme temperatures and water ingress and is resistant to solvents, oils and benzene. Additionally, it will bond with all kinds of materials – the only exception being polyethylene, polypropylene and plastic materials containing fluorine. In the particular instance of a cracked headlight lens or cover an economical application of the product along the crack will create a sealed bond and restore the integrity of the working lens. The repair can be permanent or will patch the problem until such times as you replace the lens. It will also glue a broken piece of lens back into place to restore the integrity of the cover. This amazing superglue is designed to provide an immediate solution to any bonding requirements that may arise across all industries and businesses and its availability acts as a reassurance to consumers that Superfast Plus is the on the spot answer to their bonding needs.

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