How to Install Decking with CT1

Traditionally, wooden and composite decks are installed with nails and screws only. While these do a fine job, supplementing these fixtures with a powerful adhesive is a quick and easy way to get even stronger and more long-lasting results.

CT1 is the best sealant and adhesive you can use to install any type of decking. Why? Because CT1’s incredible bonding power makes it a market-leading product with incredible effectiveness. Its unique TRIBRID® technology formulation makes it 360% stronger than traditional hybrid polymers available, making CT1 the top sealant and adhesive choice for many home improvement enthusiasts, construction professionals, and more.

CT1 is also an excellent choice for outdoor applications as it’s water-resistant, UV resistant, and cures under any condition. Using CT1 to install your decking is a great way to ensure a long-lasting fix, so you can enjoy your decking for years to come. Here are some ways you can make installing decking easier and generate stronger results with CT1.

  1. Reinforce baseboards

Reinforcing your baseboard attachment with CT1 can do two things. The first is reducing the number of nails you need to use. Both composite and wooden decks are designed with a certain amount of flex to them. These micro-flex movements can move nails over time as they react to the elements, such as weather and heat. This is what leads to nails popping out and can cause injury. By using CT1 to bond the boards more comprehensively, you can use fewer nails, meaning a far safer deck.

Another thing is that boards can start to squeak. Just like floorboards in your home, as you use your deck time and time again, it’s not uncommon to hear the odd squeak. However, the chances of this happening can be greatly reduced by using CT1! Installing your deck with adhesive makes the boards far sturdier without compromising their structural integrity, so you can enjoy more peaceful, quiet, and relaxing time on your deck.

  1. Install trims and fascia boards

Corner trims, skirting trims, and fascia boards all give your deck a neat and professional finish ­– when they’re not disrupted by screws and nails! When trims and boards are installed with CT1, there are no unsightly fixtures, just a great looking deck. Simply apply CT1 to each framing piece and hold it in place for a few moments to get that instant, powerful bond going. Then leave it to cure.

  1. Add railings and stairs

Stairs and railings often show signs of deterioration before anywhere else. These are usually the most-used areas of your deck and so are exposed to more weight, pressure, oils, dirt, and other elements, which can compromise them over time. Making your steps and railings more secure with CT1 can help increase their longevity. Doing so is simple. As you install each step apply CT1 to the framing and/or stringers before nailing and screwing them in. For railings, CT1 means you’re not so reliant on screws and nails, so getting the finish you want is much more achievable!

Ready to get started? Head to your local Toolstation or visit their website to pick up your CT1 now.

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