How to Install Crown Moulding Using CT1

Crown moulding can make your home look more elegant and provide an eye-catching focal point in any room, but did you know that it’s relatively easy and inexpensive to install? Read on to find out how you can do this simple, yet effective project yourself.

CT1 sealant and adhesive is a fantastic all-round product to help you install your crown moulding. It’s advanced TRIBRID® Technology gives CT1 360% more strength than traditional hybrid polymers, so makes it the perfect choice for attaching crown moulding to your walls and ceilings. It also has impeccable colour retention. So, if your ceilings and crown moulding are white, you won’t have to repaint to get a great finish. CT1’s TRIBRID® Technology, means white stays white.

How to install crown moulding

Fixing crown moulding to your walls and ceilings correctly might be daunting if you’ve never tried it before or are less experienced with DIY. But rest assured, if you use CT1 sealant and adhesive, you don’t need to be a professional builder or decorator!

There are several different methods of attaching crown moulding to your walls and ceilings. You can use screws, nails, adhesives, or a combination. The most common way to install crown moulding is to use a powerful adhesive, like CT1, and finish nails (as these have very small, less noticeable heads). Large nails or screws can detract from your expert finish, so steer clear from these if you want your crown moulding installation to look more professional.

Using CT1 for crown moulding installation

Once your crown moulding is ready to attach to your walls, ceiling, or backboard, check that the area is free of dust or dirt by wiping it with a damp cloth. Then snip the CT1 sealant and adhesive nozzle at a 45-degree angle and load the cartridge into your caulking gun. Squeeze CT1 along the back of your first piece of crown moulding and then place it neatly in the join between your ceiling and wall. It’s best to start at the corner and work your way around, making sure each piece snugly lines up with the next one to minimize gaps.

Don’t worry about holding the crown moulding in place and waiting for it to try. CT1’s TRIBRID® Technology gives it incredible instant bonding power that needs to be seen to be believed! Unlike other adhesives, CT1 bonds straight away, meaning you can carry on with your installation, rather than pausing to hold or secure it in place until it’s cured.

Getting the perfect finish on your crown moulding

 Corners are incredibly tricky to get perfect when installing crown moulding and often they don’t meet exactly, leaving an unpleasant gap. But this can be easily remedied using CT1. Apply a bead of CT1 sealant along the gap and smooth it out with your finger or a damp rag.

There may also be some gaps between your crown moulding and the ceiling. Using the same method, apply CT1 here too, and achieve a seamless finish you can be proud of.

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