How to glue terracotta pots together.

The most effective and long lasting solution for gluing terracotta pots together is an industrial strength adhesive that combines bonding efficiency with long lasting performance. Terracotta pots are a rustic feature in garden and patio areas and provide the most natural containers for flowers, shrubs, herbs and fruiting plants. They are versatile and efficient plant holders and from a practical perspective are the best in kind to prevent soil and compost content from drying out and damaging the plants or flowers. Effectively terracotta pots always look right at home in garden landscaping projects and exude an almost classical aura. Unfortunately they succumb to extreme frosty weather, cracking and falling apart. That however does not mean they have no further use. They can be restored to their former glory as fully functional plant and flower holders if glued back together with a bonding agent that is unobtrusive and invisibly glues and seals simultaneously with lasting effect. Terracotta pots never look out of place – even on balconies in high rise urban developments they add a cosmetic yet natural rustic look that creates a warm ambience and welcoming feature. They are wonderful containers for roof gardens and terraces, providing a natural rural connection to the soil and clay from which they are formed. Eye catching and complementary to their surroundings terracotta pots never age, bridging the gap between past and present, classicism and modernism, as purveyors of beauty and form that show off plants, flowers, fruit trees and herbs to greatest effect. To achieve that symmetry and form you need to find the perfect bonding solution to restore broken pots to their original integrity. A new innovative adhesive/sealant is the perfect solution for accomplishing that task.

A revolutionary sealant/adhesive is the ideal bonding solution.

To return cracked or broken terracotta pots to their original integrity and beauty you need to glue them together with a bonding agent that is gentle on appearance but strong on adhesion. CT1 is the ideal adhesive for both sealing and gluing terracotta pots together and reforming a functional plant and flower holder of timeless beauty. This amazing product, that actually does what it says on the tin, combines a plethora of essential qualities to provide the perfect bonding solution that restores original integrity, in an almost invisible fashion, with consummate ease and long lasting effect. It works efficiently on practically all materials providing a bond that is stronger than the material itself. Terracotta presents no challenge to this revolutionary glue that sticks and seals simultaneously to provide a bond that is water tight, vibration and chemical resistant and does not shrink or erode. It defies logic in its ability to be flexible while retaining its superb bonding strength and longevity. CT1 is a solvent free product with a hybrid polymer structural formulation that resists vibration, UV, chemicals and water penetration. It is non aggressive on synthetic materials preserving the quality bond on a long term basis. An application of a light bead of CT1 along the fracture break line will glue the terracotta pot together seamlessly to perform its role as plant, flower or shrub holder. This can be achieved with the touch of a finger on the automatic applicator trigger and a little CT1.


Where can I buy CT1?

You can now buy CT1 from all Wickes Stores across the UK! A full list of their stores are available by clicking here.

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