How to glue metal or wood bars to wood flooring

Where it is not convenient or possible to run wood flooring from one room to another and through hallways, joints will exist at doorways. These unsightly joint areas require a metal or wood bar to seal and obscure the joint and to provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance that compliments the flow of the flooring from one room to another. Bars are selected to match the flooring as closely as possible and to create an attractive finish. You can find them now with an adhesive strip attached which unfortunately often proves to be only a temporary solution, especially where bevelled bars are installed on uneven joints. This proves to be very frustrating as bars look very untidy and become a trip hazard when they begin to lift from the floor. Sometimes joiners or floor fitters will screw those bars down to make them more secure but unfortunately they look like an after-thought and do not provide a streamlined flooring effect. There is an alternative solution however that is proven to work very well as a permanent fix and provides the desired aesthetic appearance that streamlines the run of the floor from one compartment to another. The amazing qualities of CT1 make it the perfect  adhesive for attaching floor bars effectively.

The ideal product for bonding floor bars is at your disposal.

CTI’s product attributes make it the ideal solution for attaching metal and wood floor bars to wooden floors. Its versatility as an adhesive/sealant, designed specifically for the building industry, enables it to bond practically  any materials together with lasting effect. Developed and manufactured by a Company of the same name, the product has a unique safe formulation that endows it with an array of attributes that make it the ideal solution for all bonding and sealing requirements. Its efficiency is extolled by trades people, technicians and DIY enthusiasts across a wide spectrum of industries and it has quickly grown in popularity to be labelled “The Snag List Eliminator”. This title speaks volumes about the proficiency of the product and its widespread use across the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and Europe in multiple environments. It is 100% eco-compliant with an ECI and ECIA+ certificate. As a food safe adhesive/sealant it is used widely in the Medical and Food Industries. Being solvent free it is UV resistant with a much decreased risk of shrinking or cracking under normal or extreme conditions. CT1 is also odourless, vibration and chemical resistant and has no toxic emissions – qualities that set it apart as a safe product. Its main attribute is its strong grab ability and its capability to remain totally effective under any conditions. CT1 can be spread in wet conditions and in extremes of weather and temperature with no compromise on performance. In fact it is revolutionary in that it can be spread effectively under water to provide a strong yet flexible bond that retains its integrity as a long lasting solution. You can also rest assured that it will not discolour the floor bars and will protect them from fungal growth. A truly magical formula that will keep your floor bars looking good and in place on a permanent basis.

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