How to glue a wooden clothes rack to a wall

Mounting a clothes rack on a wall should in essence be a simple procedure. Traditionally, holes were drilled in strategic places on the wall, rawl plugs were inserted and the rack attached with screws to provide a strongly mounted coat and hat holder. That process was dusty and time consuming and required a drill, screwdriver, wall plugs and screws to complete the task. Time and technology has progressed to provide us with a more simple yet effective means of mounting clothes racks on walls.

A number of proprietary adhesives are at your disposal to replace the time old labour intensive tradition of installing wall racks but the challenge is to find one that is effective, safe and environmentally compliant. Any adhesive, to be really efficient, should have a high tensile strength to resist considerable pressure or force. A clothes rack with the capacity for four or five clothes hangers should be capable of tolerating the pressure of a considerable weight of clothing – so the adhesive bond needs to be strong enough to support quite a pull force. It needs to cure rapidly,  and be impervious to corrosion and moisture so the bond can continue to retain its integrity and remain effective over a long period of time. A vertical bond requires an especially strong and efficient glue and that is what is required in this context.

The question is – Can you find the ideal bonding product that is effective, safe and has green credentials. At Travis Perkins we give a resounding yes – we stock the very solution that combines all the essential criteria for a super adhesive/sealant.

The ideal bonding solution lies in a revolutionary new product.

The ideal bonding solution rests in a relatively new sealant adhesive, researched and developed by CT1, the home of a very successful range of adhesives and sealants designed specifically for the construction Industry. The eponymous CT1 or the ‘Snag List Eliminator’ as it is labelled by the Company, is a hybrid polymer, a unique adhesive/sealant formulation with amazing adherence on virtually any material, in most applications dispensing with the need for additional fixings. It is also the ultimate solution for sealing with an excellent resistance to chemicals, vibrations and UV –  formulation attributes that provide a block to mould growth, moisture penetration and corrosion and prevent shrinkage. CT1 also has a long life expectancy with a high grab factor that retains its integrity over many years.

The product can be applied in both wet and dry conditions as well as under water – features that endow it with a special status, setting it apart from many other adhesives. It is a top performer in the bonding stakes combining that quality with its amazing sealing credentials to provide an all in one comprehensive solution. Its great vertical bonding characteristics are ideally suited to gluing the clothes rack to the wall safe in the knowledge that the product is dependably strong and efficient.

From a safe solution perspective CT1 contains no solvents or isocynates and is odourless. It does not emit noxious fumes or vapours. Once applied to the target area this superb glue gets to work immediately, creating an instantly strong bond between the two materials with complete curing taking up to 24 hours.

From an environment friendly perspective, CT1’s brainchild conforms to basic ISEGA standards making it safe for use in the food and medical industry and therefore safe in a domestic setting. Its formulation contains no petro chemicals and the product is now presented in a no gun required cartridge with an automatic dispenser which delivers product at the touch of a finger and does away with the need for a caulking gun.

Travis Perkins is a main stockist of CT1 adhesive/sealant in the UK and is delighted to supply the product to an ever growing customer base.

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