How to get rid of paint from a wood clad annexe

In depicting wood clad annexes as sitting nicely beside main residences,  manufacturers define both in a way that intimates they are inescapably interconnected. As an extension to a main home an annexe needs to be maintained to a comparative decorative standard to complement the main adjacent residence. Like all wood clad buildings they have to be painted on a regular basis, not only to prolong the life expectancy of the structural cladding but also to reflect the decorative status of the neighbouring main building. Painting an annexe can be a time consuming and tiresome activity if traditional methods of paint removal are deployed. The two most common options are heating with a blow torch and removing the detritus with a manual scraper, or applying a coat of harsh solvent risking all the inherent dangers followed by the repetitive task of cleaning off the resulting residue. Both methods may require several attempts to completely remove the worn paint, especially if it is layered and stubborn, and that can prove to be a laborious and time consuming job.

A unique paint remover that is safe and effective

It begs the question why an alternative superior paint remover has not been developed to date – one which is safe, effective, fast and hassle free. In fact a revolutionary paint remover has been developed and is now available to the construction industry. It is the brainchild of C Tec and the result of intensive research and development by the Company. It is taking the painting and decorating business by storm, joining the illustrious C Tec product range as another successful Company invention proudly standing independently as an addition to the Company’s Snag List Eliminator Inventory – a host of super efficient  adhesives, sealants and sealant removers that were specifically designed for the Construction Industry. This unique product, which enjoys the accolade of trade painters, and displays the properties of a truly remarkable paint remover, reduces labour considerably and accomplishes the task with clinical efficiency. It is the solution to getting rid of the old paint from the annexe in preparation for a new refreshing coat of paint. The proof of the pudding, proverbially in this instance, is the fast, safe and effective preparation of most materials to receive that  fresh coat of paint. Only clean well prepared surfaces will provide a paint finish that is comparable to the original professional look and that is why professional painters are clamouring for this product in ever increasing numbers. As a must have stock-in-trade product Peel Tec is proving a huge hit with painters all over Europe.

The secret to its growing success is its collective qualities as a super paint remover. Using it means saying goodbye to those unsafe and tiresome methods of paint removal such as heat, harsh solvents and mechanical methods. C Tec’s wonderful invention – Peel Tec – is formulated to be a safe paint removal product. It is Methyl Chloride free which is a reassuring factor for both paint operatives and third parties and emits neither vapours nor fumes. Its chemistry ensures that it is non toxic and yet clinically efficient in its paint removal credentials. Its incredible versatility makes it effective on practically all material surfaces with no danger or risk of scoring, thus leaving a perfect contact area for the new coat of paint. From an operational perspective Peel Tec’s application is very simple. It comes in an aerosol with a unique nozzle that permits the exact delivery of the correct amount of spray. Within ten minutes the paint is activated and ready for the scrape-off process which is fast and hassle free. A truly miraculous paint remover from CTec that is growing exponentially in popularity both in the trade and in the DIY sector.

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