How to get rid of bathroom fungus and bacteria

If you’re battling with fungus and bacteria in your bathroom, most people will tell you to put on a pair of gloves and start cleaning. However, once mould settles in, it’s extremely difficult to stop it from reoccurring unless you do something to stop it for good. The best way to get rid of bathroom fungus and bacteria is with BT1, the latest development in mould resistant bathroom sealant and adhesive.

As a result of C-Tec’s ceaseless research and dedication, a new TRIBRID® technology for bathrooms has been born. Whether you need to install shower trays, bathroom tiles or even hang a mirror without the need for additional fixings, BT1 is the ultimate bathroom sealant and adhesive. You’ll no longer have to scrub your mouldy bathroom caulk for hours only to return and do it all over again in the near future. When you use BT1, you can say goodbye to bathroom fungus and bacteria for good.


Control re-growth

As we mentioned above, BT1 is based on our revolutionary TRIBRID® technology, which has never been used up until now. Black stains caused by fungus, algae and mould can be a real pain to remove. You’ll usually find it growing in the form of black spots on the sealant between the edges of your tiles, on plaster, around the shower and between the bath tub. However, you’ll never have to worry about mould, fungus or bacteria accumulating on the surface of BT1! With its unique formula and powerful resistance to bacteria, we’ve created a revolutionary product upon which bacteria, microbes, mould, and fungus cannot survive.

BT1 is an anti-bacterial sanitary bathroom sealant and adhesive that makes it easier to maintain a hygienic surface as re-growth will no longer be an issue. It’s ideal for use around bathrooms and even in public health institutes such as clinics and hospitals. BT1 has excellent adhesion to surfaces and perfect for all types of bathroom installations.


BT1: The world’s best anti-bacterial bathroom sealant

In case you needed some more convincing, here are a few hard-hitting facts about this incredible bathroom sealant:

  • BT1 has been scientifically proven to not only resist but reduce bacteria growth by up to 99.99%!
  • BT1 is effective against a range of bacteria including MRSA, E. coli and Campylobacter
  • BT1 is EC1 Plus Certified and because it has very low emissions, it’s one of the safest bathroom sealants on the market

When cured, BT1 forms a highly durable compound bond with high elasticity. This means you can use it all around the bathroom and bond it with a broad spectrum of materials from metals to glass, ceramics, brickwork, woods and most plastics, even in wet conditions.

If you want to get rid of fungus and bacteria growth in your bathroom, you need to use BT1, the latest development in bathroom sealant and adhesive technology. BT1 is the healthiest and strongest bathroom sealant on the market, making it the best choice when it comes to sealing bathrooms and preventing mould-growth.

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