How to fix PVC trims in place around French Doors.

To fix PVC trims in place around Fench Doors it is essential to use a hybrid polymer adhesive/sealant that provides an effective and permanent bonding solution. Choosing the right product is crucial for a successful and permanent fix. Sometimes French Doors do not perfectly fit the opening prepared for them – though better too small than too large – as the deficit can be rectified by packing out the extra space either side of the doors with damp proof expanding foam and facing it with PVC trim to match the door frames. This works well provided you use an efficient product to stick the PVC trim neatly in place. Even in normal circumstances some trim will have to be fitted to bridge the gap between the door and cavity opening either side. The trim adhesive needs to be waterproof so it remains an effective barrier in extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations – preventing water penetration and adhesive product erosion. It also needs to be resistant to chemicals and synthetic surfaces so no blemish or damage is caused to the PVC surface on application of the bonding agent. The secret to achieving an aesthetically pleasing result is finding the most appropriate and effective adhesive/sealant to fulfil the task.

The ideal fix for multiple bonding applications has arrived on the market.

The best possible solution for fixing PVC trims firmly, safely and effectively in place is a revolutionary sealant/ adhesive from CT1, the inventive genius that has spawned a family of illustrious adhesives and sealants for multiple applications across a range of industries. The revolutionary new product which is eponymously named after the Company that invented, developed and manufactured it has a unique formulation which sets it apart as the bonding agent of choice for an ever growing number of industrial operatives and trades people across Europe – particularly the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. Though designed with the Construction Industry in mind it possesses a host of properties that make it ideal for multiple bonding applications across many industries and the DIY sector. CT1 will successfully bond lead, metal, wood, glass, polystyrene, UPVC and many more materials with instant grab ability and a capacity to cure to a high tensile strength, providing a long lasting, bonding solution. It is easy to apply with the touch of a finger on the automatic dispenser which delivers product without the need for a caulking gun. Flow is carefully controlled to deliver the right amount of adhesive product to the target area. It is synthetic material friendly and complies with environmental regulation as well as food safe standards.This amazing adhesive/sealant is the perfect solution for sticking UPVC trim neatly and effectively in place to produce an aesthetically appealing finish to the French Doors.

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