How to Fix Painting Mistakes and Start Over

Even the experts make painting mistakes, but hope is never lost as long as you have a handy aerosol of Peel Tec within reach!

Sometimes, painting mistakes are inevitable, but there is a quick and easy solution to resolve most painting errors in no time. Whether you have an accidental drop, spill, or you choose the wrong colour and want to start again, Peel Tec can help you fix painting mistakes and start over.

Here are some common painting mistakes and how Peel Tec can help you resolve them:

Choosing the wrong colour

Choosing the right paint colour for a room or a piece of furniture can be a difficult decision. You might think you found the right colour, only to find that it doesn’t look as good as you expected. Maybe the colour clashes with your furniture and you want to go with a different colour instead. Whatever the situation, it’s an easy solution to fix.

Since the paint has only been on the walls for a short amount of time, it will be very easy to remove quickly using Peel Tec. Simply spray the product directly onto the paint you want to remove and within ten minutes, it will peel away effortlessly. Then, just grab a scraper tool to help remove the paint residue and you will be left with a clean canvas.

Smooth out paint bubbles

Paint bubbles are pesky little things that can throw off the entire look of a room. When paint doesn’t adhere to the surface or undercoat, bubbles can form on the paints surface. This is often caused by excess heat or moisture, but there is a fairly easy solution. You can smooth out paint bubbles by gently smoothing the bubbles with sand paper. However, if you’re dealing with really stubborn paint bubbles that refuse to budge, grab Peel Tec to help remove the bubbles and then re-paint the surface.

Clean up paint splatters and spills

Paint splatters, spills and drips are common mistakes from newbies and professionals alike. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much time or effort to clean up paint splatters and spills when you have Peel Tec. Peel Tec removes paint safely without damaging the base material, which is good news if you spilled some paint on the furniture! It’s a very versatile product and works on almost all materials, making it the perfect solution for cleaning up accidental paint spills.

Remove old paint

Painting over old paint is always a bad idea. If you do this, you’ll often be left with disappointing results and the old paint can even show through the new coat of paint. If you have painted over old paint and you want to start over, you have to remove the old paint first. To do this, you need Peel Tec to help lift the old layers of paint from the surface. With Peel Tec, you don’t have to worry about dangerous vapours of accidental scratching as it provides a safe and efficient method of paint removal.

Have you made any of these classic painting mistakes? If so, visit your local Crown Decorating Centre, where you can shop for Peel Tec, MultiSolve, and CT1!





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