How to fix loose chair rungs

When chair rungs become loose it is advisable to glue them tightly in place with a safe and effective superglue before permanent damage to the mortice and tenon or dowelled butt joint is caused. Most wooden chair rungs are glued into sockets on the front and back legs to strengthen the chair structure. Through time, constant wear and tear combined with low humidity loosens the joint which if not treated quickly  will cause the rung to eventually fall out. A fast repair can avoid having to replace the rung and a lot of unnecessary work. Traditionally wood glues were used to glue the rungs in their sockets but natural shrinkage of the adhesives left the rungs loose. The situation is often exacerbated by chair users, particularly children, using the front rung as a foot rest which puts pressure on the joint and eventually wears it out. The challenge is how best to fix the problem permanently. The only glue to use is a cyanoacrylate superglue that does not shrink under any conditions and maintains its integrity as an effective adhesive whatever the external threats. There are a number of these products available but it is essential to find the best option with the highest tensile strength and least toxic effects. You also need to find a product that is most compatible with all materials – particularly with wood in this instance and does not cause material surface damage. The obvious question is – is there such an adhesive solution currently available?

A multi tasked safe superglue is now available.

Thanks to the relatively recent development of a cyanoacrylate super glue by CT1 – the Company that has invented a successful range of sealants and adhesives to the Construction Industry – Superfast Plus has quickly become the go to glue for multi tasked applications. Developed with the Construction industry in mind, its unique formulation provides an extremely strong and safe superglue that supersedes any comparative product in terms of tensile strength, longevity, compatibility with practically all materials and least toxic effects. It is ideal for fixing loose chair rungs with permanent effect without compromising the wood surface or causing any blemishes or staining. You simply apply a sliver of this one component adhesive product via an applicator nozzle that delivers the solution to the required spot and it bonds in seconds to provide a steely tough adhesion to keep the rung tightly in place. As a solvent free glue that is resistant to solvents, oil and benzene, Superfast Plus does not shrink. Its colourless dried out finish leaves an invisible joint that blends in naturally with the wood surrounds. This amazing superglue is acclaimed as the go to gluing product across all industries and businesses in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway and continues to grow as the number one superglue for all gluing applications. It is even used extensively in both the medical industry and hospitality business which reflects its level of safety and effectiveness.

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