How to Fix Leaks in an Industrial Underfloor Heating System

Underfloor heating systems have become increasingly popular over recent years, and not just for domestic use either. Many industrial establishments and companies have realised the benefits of installing underfloor heating systems. After all, who doesn’t want to transform their floor into a radiator? It helps to heat the home or building faster, and it prevents things like cold spots and chilly draughts.

Unfortunately, underfloor heating systems are susceptible to possible leaks. Leaks that occur in underfloor heating pipes need a powerful sealant to repair the damage and prevent further leaks. If the leak is left to its own devices, it can lead to further damage that’s easily prevented. The answer to what repairs leaks in industrial underfloor heating systems is C-Tec’s revolutionary sealant, Miracle Seal.


What is Miracle Seal?

Miracle Seal is a non-corrosive sealant that can repair even the smallest of hairline cracks and leaks in underfloor heating systems. It efficiently and effectively repairs leaks in pipes, radiators, water pumps, cooling systems, heating systems, solar panel systems and many more. Miracle Seal’s power places it above all other sealants of its kind in the market. Mainly, this is due to its lubricating properties that ensure the sealant will not clog up the pipes. This, paired with its anti-corrosive additives, means that Miracle Seal can also be used to protect your underfloor heating system against limescale formulation.


Using Miracle Seal to Fix Underfloor Heating Leaks

Before Miracle Seal came to the market, whenever someone had a leak in their underfloor heating pipes, it meant having to take up the floor completely. Ripping up floorboards and removing the surface above the pipes would be the only viable option because how else could someone reach the leak? This meant that by the time the leak was addressed, the owner would have to repair the floor too, which is expensive and very time-consuming.

For a lesser invasive option, you now have Miracle Seal to add to your arsenal. You don’t have to tear up your floor and dig into your savings to repair underfloor heating system leaks. Miracle Seal provides a long-lasting solution that will not compromise the structure or routine of your heating system. Its fluidity and molecular structure allow Miracle Seal to get into the pipes, seal leaks instantly, and do so without clogging the system. It’s vibration-resistant and does not crack over time, which means you can trust Miracle Seal to repair an industrial underfloor heating system any time, day or night.


Extra Characteristics

Miracle Seal is a water-based suspension packed lubricating, anti-corrosion, and non-clogging particles and additives. You can depend on Miracle Seal to repair leaks fast. It works remarkably well in emergencies when you need a solution you can count on. It’s a safe and effective water leak sealant that you need in your toolbox.


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