How to Fix Leaking Windows

A Leaking Window is a problem that many householders will encounter at some time. The Leaking Window problem normally appears between the frame and brickwork due to expansion and contraction of the two materials.

Wooden frame windows tend to have a higher rate of leaks due to its flexibility. During the installation silicone is normally used to seal and prevent leaking, however the silicone will eventually shrink and crack causing a Leaking Window problem.

The only answer to the question “How Do I Fix A Leaking Windows”? is use CT1 the unique sealant and construction adhesive, WHY?. CT1The Snag List Eliminator is a unique hybrid polymer that contains no solvents, it’s guaranteed never to shrink, CT1 can be applied onto wet surfaces, even underwater so no problem if the brick or window frame is wet.

CT1 will stay flexible therefore will move with the base materials preventing Leaking Windows. CT1 comes in several different colours often matching the wood or stone colour.

In conclusion Leaking Windows, Look no further CT1The Snag List Eliminator is the Solution. © Copyright.


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