How to fix kerbing to a level concrete base.

The best way to fix kerbing to a level concrete base is to use an effective heavy duty adhesive that possesses good initial grab and cures to a phenomenally strong bond. That is the fastest and cleanest method of adhesion that dispenses with the laborious task of applying mortar. A traditional mortar mix of sand, cement and water worked well as a bonding material but eventually succumbed to extreme weather conditions causing water penetration in the mortar and ensuing disintegration. The process of mixing the mortar was time consuming, labour intensive and dirty work – worse still it proved only a temporary solution with exterior conditions, especially persistent heavy frost and snow compromising its integrity over time. Skilled labourers were required to complete the kerb laying task which was an expensive job. The challenge to the building industry was to find an alternative method of bonding the concrete or stone kerb onto their concrete base. Until quite recently that aspiration remained a forlorn hope but a revolutionary adhesive has been developed by a dynamic Company who specialise in adhesives and sealants of construction quality manufacture. They have successfully researched, developed and manufactured a family of products that is designed primarily with the Construction Industry in mind. CT1 adhesives and sealants have quickly established themselves as the ‘go to’ products of choice for construction trades people across Europe. Their latest invention is a heavy duty adhesive that is capable of vertically fixing heavy slabs of stone, marble and granite to block walls with no slippage and with high tensile strength.

A super strong adhesive with heavy duty bonding ability is now available.

A revolutionary heavy duty adhesive has been developed by CT1, the home of a range of very successful adhesives and sealants to the Construction Industry. It is designed to effectively tackle any heavy duty adhesion application across a swathe of industries, with a product formulation based on their flagship adhesive/sealant solution, the eponymous CT1. Their latest invention, Power Grab n Bond, effectively replaces all other adhesive solutions with a versatility that can adhere any materials together providing a resistance to weather extremes and all other exterior conditions. It possesses amazing strength and is designed to fix large tiles or slabs of granite, stone and marble to vertical walls with effortless instant grab, no slippage and curing to an incredible tensile strength. The bond created by this solvent free product is testified by trades and industrial operatives as stronger than the materials themselves. There is no downside to this phenomenally strong and effective adhesive that is faster, cleaner and more effective than either mortar or any other product of its kind on the market. Power Grab n Bond combines the best chemical properties in any adhesive to provide a bonding solution that is perfect for fixing kerbs to a concrete base. Application of this innovative adhesive is via a power trigger on the cartridge which delivers a controllable flow of the product to the target surface. A few beads of Power Grab n Bond is suffice to fix a length of kerbing firmly and permanently in place with no mess. It can also be used for pointing the kerbs to provide a clean professional finish that takes much less time than trowelling on mortar.

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