How to fix heavy ceramic tiles to a concrete hearth.

However tiles are fixed to a concrete hearth they must stay permanently in place and look aesthetically pleasing – those are the major criteria for a successful hearth tiling operation.

It is important to use the most effective bonding product available when fixing heavy ceramic tiles to a concrete hearth in the knowledge that they will have to withstand very hot conditions from burning fires in the fireplace. Whatever solution is deployed it needs to be resistant to extreme heat whilst retaining its high tensile bonding capacity and should provide a permanent bond so the ceramic tiles stay firmly in place. There are quite a few bonding products to choose from but on closer scrutiny you find that they fail on a number of counts including bond strength and longevity. The real challenge is to find a unique solvent free construction adhesive with exceptional high initial grab that cures to a vice-like bond. That particular product will ensure the ceramic tiles remain securely in place for the life of the hearth and fireplace so you do not have to address the issue of having to fix them back in place should they become loose. Thankfully a revolutionary versatile bonding product that is compatible with practically all materials, has been developed by CT1. It is specifically designed for heavy duty bonding tasks. It is the perfect adhesive for fixing ceramic tiles to a concrete hearth.

A revolutionary heavy duty bonding product is now available.

A revolutionary versatile heavy duty bonding solution has been developed by CT1 to tackle the most difficult vertical bonding challenges. The result of scientific, chemical and engineered development, its formulation is based on CT1’s unique hybrid polymer sealant/adhesive, the eponymous Snag List Eliminator – CT1. Its qualities as a solvent free construction adhesive make it the perfect bonding solution for fixing heavy ceramic tiles to a concrete hearth. Power Grab n Bond joins a stable of highly successful adhesives and sealants to the Construction Industry, all from the illustrious CT1 who have developed and manufacture the bonding solution. It is effectively the ‘go to’ one stop shop product for practically all heavy duty bonding applications and is used widely across a range of industries and the DIY sector. Heavily endorsed by industrial operatives Power Grab n Bond has quickly become the number one bonding agent of choice for construction workers in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. Its power grab and rapid curing properties reduce labour time by at least 50% and with none of the drawbacks of conventional epoxy mixes, dispenses with the need for mechanical fixings and supports. It provides excellent adhesion to practically all materials including stone, concrete, bricks, glass,granite, metal and most plastics. It also dispenses with the challenges of drilling and converts a difficult task into an easy one which lends itself to the DIY consumer sector as well as industry at large.

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