How to fix fascia board to a wooden garden cabin.

How to fix fascia board to a wooden garden cabin.

Wooden garden cabins have become a fashionable home accessory and a delightful exterior extension to the interior living area. Both functional and cosmetic they are simultaneously a playhouse for the children and a bolthole for the parents to chill out when needs must. The building process sometimes becomes a DIY project which demands dedication and some construction skills – especially the knowledge how best to progress through the different stages of the build process, especially fascia fixing.

The most effective way to fix fascia board to a wooden garden cabin is to use a tried and tested heavy duty adhesive that retains flexibility while providing super strength adhesion and lasting product quality. The traditional method of drilling, screws and nails presented a tiresome and time consuming means of fixing the fascia board in place and an alternative viable means of attachment is long overdue. There are a number of super glues that claim the capability of gluing wood fascia in place but on trial failed to do so in a satisfactory manner, leaving product disappointment and disillusionment. However a revolutionary new industrial adhesive has been developed by CT1 which actually does what it says on the tin. It grabs with formidable strength and cures to an astronomically strong bond that is totally effective and long lasting. It is the ideal adhesive product for fixing fascia firmly and permanently in place on a wooden garden cabin.


The perfect industrial adhesive is now available.

Fixing fascia board on a wooden garden cabin has been simplified with the development of a revolutionary new heavy duty adhesive from CT1, the home of a highly acclaimed inventory of sealants and adhesives to the Construction Industry. Power Grab N Bond has a unique formulation based on CT1, the Company’s flagship adhesive. However it has a much greater density which provides very strong initial grab and super strong cured bonding. It puzzles adherents with its enigmatic flexibility which permits material repositioning without compromising bonding integrity. Its formulation and engineered chemical structure provide a host of excellent product properties that make it the number one heavy duty adhesive for all bonding applications. It is endorsed as the ‘go to’ industrial adhesive of choice by construction and industrial workers across the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. Designed specifically for heavy duty vertical bonding applications such as adhering marble and granite slabs to building facades, it possesses a versatility that makes it fit for multiple bonding applications across all industries. A few beads of the product on the fascia is sufficient to fix it securely to the wood cabin with no other fixings, mechanical or otherwise required. It is weather proofed with a resistance to impact, vibration and UV. This amazing adhesive product will not shrink, crack or erode which makes it a permanently effective solution for fixing fascia to a wood cabin.

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