How to fix a slate base on a stone pillar to take a built stone cap.

Traditionally a base on a pillar, to take any type of built cap, would be fixed in place with a mortar mix. That works fine temporarily but eventually the mortar succumbs to frost and rain and erodes. To secure a loose base on a pillar the stone cap has to be removed, which is not only labour intensive and time consuming but expensive and retrograde as you are destroying the old cap to replace it with a new one. If the slate base had been fixed properly in the first instance then no repair procedure would be necessary, saving time, money and material. The best way to

fix the slate base in place is to bond it to the stone pillar top with a hybrid polymer bonding agent that will not shrink or erode in any extreme weather conditions and will provide a permanent adhesion solution. You may well suggest that the ideal solution does not exist and that has been the situation in the past. However over recent time certain adhesive products have arrived on the market claiming to do what is required in this circumstance – literally fix the slate base in place effectively with no mess or likelihood of bond disintegration going forward. The veracity of these claims, however seem to fall short of expectation when confronted with a list of essential criteria for efficiency, safety and longevity – that is until a revolutionary new adhesive/sealant was developed which ticks all the essential criteria boxes. It is the ideal adhesive product for fixing the slate pillar top base strongly and permanently in place so a stone cap can be built on top with no fear of having to dismantle it in the future to refix the loose slate base in place.

A new effective permanent adhesive solution has arrived

CT1 has developed an all embracing sealant/adhesive that bonds and seals in one action to protect the bond integrity and provide a long lasting adhesive solution. The singularly unique formulation of this amazing product endows it with a very high tensile strength that is not compromised by its ability to tolerate material movement. As a solvent free bonding agent it does not shrink or erode under any extreme conditions and is resistant to chemicals. It is also compatible with practically all materials so it is safe to use on all surfaces without fear of marking or staining. Certified as food safe and environmentally friendly CT1 is proving to be the most versatile and effective bonding and sealing agent on the market. Having been designed with the Construction Industry in mind, it is a multi application product that enjoys an adhesive strength which is effectively greater than the material itself. Even with its relatively recent invention it has taken the industrial world by storm positioning itself as the ‘go to’ adhesive of choice for building workers, industrial operatives, across a wide range of industries and businesses as well as the DIY domestic and household sector. Its universally endorsed proficiency has made it the number one adhesive/sealant in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway where product demand is ever increasing. It is the ideal solution for providing a permanent and efficient fix for securing a slate base on a stone pillar to receive a stone cap. It comes in a convenient dispenser with an applicator nozzle that enables delivery of the right amount of product to the desired location.

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