How to fix a marble grave surround firmly in place.

Marble grave surrounds are beautifully polished metamorphic rocks. They enclose the burial plot of a loved one outlining the perimeter of their resting place and providing a memorial that denotes the deceased’s final place of interment in perpetuity as a sacred and consecrated plot of ground. Designed to be a permanent fixture that is impervious to extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations, marble grave surrounds need to be fixed securely in place to ensure a lasting bonding solution. Traditionally they are laid on the foundations with a light bed of mortar consisting of sand and cement or sometimes just wet cement alone. This is messy work requiring the mortar to be either carried to the grave or mixed on the spot. It is a labour intensive and expensive operation requiring skilled hired help. It does last for a while but eventually succumbs to water penetration and frost leading to erosion and disintegration – resulting in a loose marble surround that could suffer damage if not quickly reinstated. This unfortunately means that the surround and foundation has to be cleared of the mortar debris and refixed in position with another bed of fresh mortar. This raises the issue of potential alternatives for fixing the marble grave surround more permanently in place so the situation does not have to be revisited to correct adhesion failure. There are various adhesive products that claim the ability to stick marble to concrete but their bona fides are questionable under close scrutiny. Firstly they are not safe and secondly they do not perform as efficiently as expected. There is however a new revolutionary adhesive product that is exceptionally strong and provides a permanent fixing solution. It was developed with the Construction Industry in mind and consequently performs with incredible grip and adhesive strength to provide a permanent bonding solution.

A new super strong industrial adhesive has multiple applications.

Power Grab N Bond, formulated on CT1’s illustrious adhesive/sealant – the eponymous CT1, has provided industry with an exceptionally strong industrial adhesive that is designed primarily for vertical bonding. It represents a fantastic all in one sealant/adhesive that effectively replaces all other adhesives as the best bonding solution on the market. It is endorsed wholeheartedly by the Construction Industry – its incredible attributes making it the ideal bonding product for multiple heavy duty construction applications. It is the result of years of research into chemical bonding by CT1, the Building Adhesive Sealant specialists, and has taken industry in general by storm as the most versatile and efficient adhesion and sealing solution available. It dispenses with the need for any other adhesive/sealant agent or mechanical fixings such is its incredible grab quality and curing strength. It also replaces the need for drilling and screwing by providing a perfect stand alone adhesive solution for all types of adhesive applications. AStronomically strong it is gentle in its application. You simply apply beads of the product to the target material, in this instance the foundation, via a silicone gun applicator trigger and press the marble surround firmly onto the adhesive beads on the foundation. Power Grab N Bond allows immediate movement so the marble surround can be positioned correctly on the foundation but provides a grab factor that makes the bond stronger than the material itself. This solvent free and non hazardous adhesive product, which is non corrosive and water resistant, is the here and now long awaited bonding solution to replace all others.

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