How to fix a loose finial on a pvc conservatory roof ridge.

The only practical way of fixing a pvc finial to a pvc conservatory roof ridge is to use a cyanoacrylate superglue that will bond on a molecular level to provide a permanent solution. A decorative conservatory ridge is defined by its finial sitting proud above the ridge and roof – an additional decorative finish that provides symmetry and is the crowning glory on top of the conservatory. Some finials are screw attachments that can fail if shrinkage or expansion occurs in the finial or plastic to which it is attached. Others are glued in place which also fail through time with drying and disintegration of the glue in the joint. The question is – can the finial be glued successfully back in its position to provide a lasting effective bonding solution? The answer in short is yes. When it becomes loose and displaced it is essential to stick it firmly back in place with an efficient glue to restore its position of dominance on the conservatory roof. The challenge is to find a superglue that is compatible with the material and provides a high tensile bond combined with longevity. There are a number of cyanoacrylate gluing products on the market but is there one that can competently do the job of gluing the finial permanently in place. From a tick the box criteria perspective there is a recently developed superglue that fulfils the criteria comprehensively to provide an effective, safe and long lasting solution.

A long awaited efficient superglue has finally arrived.

An amazing cyanoacrylate superglue has been researched and developed with the Construction Industry in mind. The brainchild of CT1, Superfast Plus provides the ideal solution for sticking a plastic finial securely onto a plastic conservatory roof ridge with precision, efficiency and safety – due to its compatibility with practically all materials. Designed specifically with the Construction Industry in mind, it possesses a host of unique qualities that provide instant grab, high tensile strength, long lasting ability and resistance to shrinkage, fluctuating temperatures and atmospheric conditions. Its unique formulation as a solvent free product endows it with those qualities that make it an excellent super glue. It bonds on a molecular level within seconds and cures quickly to provide a glued joint that is stronger than the material itself. Before application of Superfast Plus it is important to ensure the surfaces to be glued are clean so that the product can effectively do its work unimpeded. CT1 provide another product, Multisolve Multipurpose solvent for preparing surfaces for treatment. This can be deployed to ensure the material surface is receptive to the superglue enabling it to work effectively to its maximum capacity. Superfast Plus comes in a convenient bottle with an applicator nozzle that enables precise delivery of the product to the exact target area. In terms of the amount of superglue required to stick the finial in place – the concept of less is more applies.

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