How to fix a loose cap on a pier

The traditional method of fixing a loose cap on a pier is the same method used to secure it in the first instance – mortar – a mixture of sand, cement and water. This age old means of bonding stone, block or brick unfortunately has its shortcomings. Through time it succumbs to the destructive forces of the weather, temperature extremes and water penetration. The bond is compromised and the result is loose caps on piers. Repairs requires labour, materials and time, which can be a costly procedure and a fix that will predictably be temporary – with the need to repeat the process in the future. The challenge to find an alternative and permanent solution has exercised the minds of adhesive manufacturers, bricklayers and other trades people in the Construction Industry for quite some time. The ideal fix would be a strong high grab adhesive that is resistant to extreme weather, is applicable in wet conditions and provides a permanent solution. Until quite recently that challenge remained unanswered, with a plethora of proprietary adhesives in the meantime falling short on expectation, safety and performance. Thankfully, CT1, a new revolutionary versatile adhesive/sealant has been developed by an eponymous company to meet the varied needs of the Construction Industry. It has been a revelation with its high end performance and a capacity to bond practically any material permanently.

A versatile high end performing adhesive/sealant is now available

CT1, the Company who researched and developed the revolutionary adhesive/sealant of the same name, has invented a very successful family of adhesives and sealants for the Construction Industry. CT1 remains their flagship product and has earned the title of “The Snag List Eliminator” as the single go-to solution for all bonding/sealing requirements across the DIY sector and Construction trades. The amazing attribute of this adhesive is its ability to stick and seal in wet or under water conditions without compromising its integrity and bonding performance. Fixing a concrete or composite cap on a pier with CT1 is an easy procedure. You simply clean both the cap and pier surface and then apply the adhesive sealant with the automatic dispensing mechanism that now is part of the product package. It works at the touch of a finger allowing you to direct the adhesive sealant to the exact spot and works in both wet and dry conditions. It spreads very readily and evenly across the pillar top, providing a balanced bond that is resistant not only to water penetration but to all chemicals. This unique formulation allows the product to do what it says on the tin, by providing an instant vice like grip that cures completely within 40 minutes. It does however retain a certain flexibility that tolerates movement and allows the cap to be manoeuvred into its proper position on the pier, minutes after application. This amazing adhesive is solvent free and is resistant to fungal growth. It is safe and odourless, with no toxic emissions. Its high tensile strength makes it the perfect solution for fixing a cap on a pier.

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