How to fix a leaking shower tray

Do you have a leaking shower tray?

When water pools out from around the shower tray, it can pour onto your bathroom floor and cause a whole heap of trouble. Even smaller leaks can do a lot of damage. When water seeps underneath your tiles, for example, tiles lose adhesion and can lift out. In more serious cases, water damage can affect the floors, ceilings, and walls. Here’s how you can fix a leaking shower tray using BT1 bathroom sealant from C-Tec:


Find the leak

The first step to fix a leaking shower tray is to find the cause of the leak. Before you assume there’s a problem with the sealant, you need to eliminate the chance of the leak coming from the pipework behind the tiles. A sign that the leak is coming from the pipes is evident by brown stains in the joints of the tiles. If the leak isn’t coming from the pipework, there could be a leak in the seal between the walls and the shower tray. This is where BT1, the ultimate waterproof bathroom sealant comes into play.


What is BT1?

BT1 is a bathroom sealant upon which bacteria cannot survive. It’s an excellent sanitaryware product and ideal for use in public health institutions such as clinics and hospitals. BT1 has very low emissions and forms a unique durable compound with high elasticity, just a few of the qualities that make BT1 a fantastic bathroom sealant. It can be used to bond shower trays and seal around taps, sinks, baths, and showers, etc.


How to repair leaking shower trays

If not fixed securely, a shower tray can develop leaks, which can lead to damage to your floors and ceilings. To fix a leaking shower tray, you may need to remove it completely in order to replace the old sealant with a better alternative such as BT1. The reason why your shower tray is leaking is likely due to the existing sealant losing its adhesive power or a crack has formed. Whatever the issue, the sealant no longer acts as the barrier between the water and the surface beneath the tray.

So, the best option is to strip off the old sealant using an adhesive remover such as Multisolve. Multisolve is a multi-purpose solvent designed for the safe removal of adhesives and sealants. It’s also great at removing oil, grease, silicone and so much more. Simply spray Multisolve onto the desired surface and within seconds, it starts to lift the old sealant. It’s perfect for removing old bathroom adhesives and sealants, leaving you with a clean base to start applying the new sealant.

Once the old bathroom adhesive has been removed and there is no residue left behind, you can use BT1 to fix the leaking shower tray. Using a high-quality sealant like this means it’ll be much easier to obtain a leak-free joint. BT1 creates a durable compound with high elasticity, which is ideal bonding shower trays and panels without needing any additional mechanical fixings.

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