How to Fix a Leaking Radiator Pipe

Have you noticed a wet patch below your radiator? If so, it’s a sure sign that you’ve got a leaky radiator pipe. To prevent further water damage to your flooring, you need to fix the leaking radiator pipe as quickly as you can. Finding a reliable fix quickly is difficult, especially if you consider yourself a novice plumber at best. Leaking radiator pipes can be caused by a variety of factors including bad jointing, a worn seal, weeping joints, or the result of the thawing process after a cold freeze. Whatever the case, you need a suitable solution to fix a leaking radiator pipe and you won’t find any better than Miracle Seal, our revolutionary sealant that’s designed to seal leaks efficiently and effectively.


A powerful water sealant

Miracle Seal is an incredible sealant designed to fix and repair leaks. If you have a minor leak or weeping joints, this product is ideal. All you have to do is pour some of the product into the pipe via the instructions. For larger leaks, Miracle Seal is also a fine solution. It helps to minimise the existing damage and prevent leaks from occurring throughout the radiator pipe. It does this by forming a surrounding protective layer that helps to strengthen the radiator pipes and prevent future leaks.


Unique water sealing features

Miracle Seal is a corrosion inhibitor. This means that when you use it to fix a leaking radiator pipe, it will not clog the system. This gives you peace of mind and confidence knowing that you can create permanent seals and repair radiator pipe leaks without clogging up the system. This unique feature is thanks to Miracle Seal’s revolutionary new formula that contains anti-corrosion and lubrication additives. When it comes to sealing radiator leaks, you won’t find a better sealant for the job than C-Tec’s Miracle Seal.


Use Miracle Seal to seal a leaking radiator pipe

Using Miracle Seal is super simple, which means you don’t need to be a professional plumber or tradesman to get the hang of it. all you have to do is fetch your Miracle Seal and pour the sealant into the header tank of the heating system. You’ll notice that the radiator pipe leak will begin to dry up as Miracle Seal gets to work. Not only will the leak repair almost instantly, but you’ll no longer have to worry about more leaks occurring and ruining your carpets, floorboards, and even nearby electronics!


Always have Miracle Seal handy!

Keeping a bottle of Miracle Seal handy at home or in your van if you’re a professional is a great way to stay on top of leaking radiator pipes. Miracle Seal can also be used to seal leaks in cooling systems, underfloor heating systems, solar panels, and many more. So, it makes sense to always have some Miracle Seal within reaching distance, especially for emergencies when you need a quick and effective solution such as fixing a leaking radiator pipe.


To find out more about Miracle Seal’s features and other applications, check out our main product page for this product.

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