How to fix a leak in a water cooled dune buggy

Dune buggies provide a lot of pleasure to young and old as an exhilarating adrenalin raising experience of driving over undulating sand dunes at speed. Some are air cooled like those with a Volkswagen engine but the majority are water cooled with a fairly high coolant content. Like all water cooled vehicles the cooling system can produce leaks in hoses, pumps and other mechanical parts of the cooling system. Pressure on the cooling system is more sustained in a dune buggy than in any conventional vehicle as the necessity to climb steep dunes with shifting sands promotes high engine revving to sustain progress. This in turn puts pressure on the cooling system to maintain the engine at an ambient temperature which can fluctuate greatly when attacking a steep dune incline at variable speed.These factors can cause overheating. With constant heavy wear and tear the radiator or hoses can develop leaks which if not fixed or replaced immediately could cause irreparable engine damage. The very nature of riding the dunes can distract the rider from looking regularly at the coolant temperature gauge, which if not checked could allow the engine to overheat unnoticed. It is rather too late to react when steam clouds are pouring from the system. The question this raises concerns the availability of a quick fix in the event of a radiator leak – is there a ready made solution for fixing the coolant leak? A relatively recent invention by the Company CT1, home of a successful family of adhesives and sealants, has provided an instant and effective coolant leak solution.

An instantly effective sealant comes to the rescue.

Miracle Seal, the brainchild of CT1, has gained traction as the ‘go to’ all applications quality sealant of choice for many trades people in Ireland, the UK, Spain and Norway. Its credentials speak for themselves in embodying an amazing instant solution for sealing leaks effectively. With a unique formulation, this revolutionary sealing product not only seals leaks but also prevents any potential future leaks by coating the radiator and system of pipes, pumps and other mechanical parts with a leak resistant layer of sealant. This non adhesive water based product is compatible with antifreeze and as a non corrosive suspension is safe as well as efficient. It works equally effectively on metal and plastic so works well with any cooling system problematic leaks by sealing the hole or crack instantly to plug the leak. This instant sealant is great for emergency fixes where a sand dune buggy is isolated on a beach where there is no mechanical assistance. It will certainly hold in the event of a large crack until professional help is available. Miracle Seal’s resistance to high pressure can form a permanent sealing solution in a radiator, pump or cooling hose saving the expense of replacement parts, labour cost and time. It will also ensure continued dune driving pleasure with no buggy downtime. Miracle Seal is a truly revolutionary sealant product that reflects the dynamism and sheer talent of the inventor – CT1.

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