How to fix a cut granite doorstep permanently in position

Doorsteps are normally fixed in position with a bed of mortar. The foundation is usually either a slab of concrete or blocks on which the doorstep is bedded in a layer of sand and cement. It has been the traditional method of securing doorsteps in place and has proven effective but only on a temporary basis. Unfortunately being an exterior application, it is subjected to fluctuating weather and temperature conditions and the mortar eventually disintegrates, requiring the fixing process to be redone. It is necessarily a two man operation to ensure it is laid level on the bed of mortar, with the added assistance of a spirit level, straight edge and mallet. Trades people have awaited an easier alternative method of fixing the doorstep to the base but have been disappointed to find new adhesives were not totally satisfactory – they eventually failed in their bonding capacity which was compromised by exterior determinants such as extreme weather or chemical reactions which caused adhesive cracking and erosion. Thankfully an innovative revolutionary heavy duty adhesive has been developed by a Company named CT1. Its prowess as an effective bonding agent has garnered a huge fan base across Europe and it is endorsed widely by  trades people in the DIY sector, the Construction Industry and many others both regionally and internationally.

An innovative new heavy duty adhesive receives wide acclaim.

The ideal solution for fixing a cut granite doorstep in position is a revolutionary new heavy duty adhesive which has been developed and manufactured by the illustrious sealant and adhesive Company CT1. Power Grab n Bond has been researched developed and manufactured with the Construction Industry in mind. It is no surprise then that it is the strongest industrial bonding agent on the market with a quickly growing fan base in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. Endorsed by every trades person who has used it, this amazing adhesive product continues to grow in popularity at an ever increasing rate. The fact that it actually does what it says on the tin and is a proficient vertical bonding adhesive, is a major factor in its rise to fame as the best of its kind on the market. Based on CT1’s eponymous and illustrious adhesive/sealant which they have labelled the “Snag List Eliminator” this innovative heavy duty adhesive is proving ideal for all those heavy industrial bonding applications that are beyond the normal adhesive agent’s remit and capability. Power Grab n Bond dispenses with the need for any mechanical fixings or supports and works brilliantly as a stand alone industrial strength adhesive, with special . It is easy to dispense via a powerful trigger ratio cartridge applicator that delivers beads of adhesive to the target area. This powerhouse bonding agent will keep the granite doorstep firmly and permanently in place providing a practical and aesthetically pleasing front door entrance feature.


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