How to Fix a Coolant Leak Emergency

When a car’s cooling system has a leak, fixing it as soon as possible should be your highest priority. Leaving the leak untreated can make it worse over time and it can lead to dangerous consequences if not fixed. If you suspect that your car has a coolant leak, you need a fast and effective solution, which is why we recommend Miracle Seal from C-Tec.


Miracle Seal is a water-based sealant that is designed to make fast emergency repairs to leaking cooling systems and radiators. If the leak is minor, Miracle Seal provides a long-lasting solution and helps to prevent further leaks in the cooling system. This revolutionary formula contains soft particles made up of anti-corrosion and lubricating additives that does not clog the system. The last thing you need when trying to fix a coolant leak emergency is a sealant that clogs the entire system. This leads to a string of further issues which are both expensive and time-consuming to solve. So, if you want to fix a coolant leak emergency without clogging the system, you need to use Miracle Seal from C-Tec.


Determine if it is an interior or exterior leak


Before you can use Miracle Seal to fix the leak in your cooling system, you need to inspect the situation at hand to assess the damage. You also need to determine if the leak is interior or exterior, so you know how to solve the problem in the most efficient and effective way possible. To help prevent leaks from getting worse, it’s worth checking the coolant level regularly. If you’re not sure your coolant is leaking, here are some signs to keep an eye (and nose) out for:


  • You notice that there are consistently low levels of coolant in the coolant reservoir
  • You notice coloured puddles under the car
  • You notice a burning smell – this happens when the coolant drips onto a hot engine
  • There is white smoke bellowing from the exhaust system


All of these are possible signs pointing to a coolant system leak. However, if the leak is small, Miracle Seal can be used to fix the leak in no time. Miracle Seal is compatible with cooling systems, heating systems, water pumps, radiators, hose pipes, and many more. Using Miracle Seal to repair a leak can save you a lot of time and money.


Coolant leak repair with Miracle Seal


To use Miracle Seal to fix a coolant leak emergency, start by flushing out your cooling system. Once this is done, go ahead and open the heater valve. Keep the engine running long enough that it heats up. Then, shake the bottle of Miracle Seal before pouring it inside. Let the engine run for five minutes and once it has cooled down again, top up the cooling liquid. That’s all you need to do to repair an emergency leak in your car’s cooling system with Miracle Seal.


If you have a coolant leak, you can buy Miracle Seal today from your local IPG Member Store!




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