How to fit a metal sink to a worktop

This process may seem rather banal and inconsequential – a procedure carried out currently, you may say, by kitchen fitters or worktop specialists as a matter of course – a method  implemented since the invention of fitted kitchens. On closer scrutiny you will find that the adhesives used historically to secure sinks to worktops are not entirely safe or permanently effective. Sinks are secured with metal clips and bonded and sealed with a silicone which often proves to be a temporary deterrent to moisture penetration and fungal growth. Over time silicone joints succumb to moisture egression and the negative effects of other prevailing conditions such as heat and cold. The bonding and sealing integrity of the product is greatly diluted and the silicone has to be removed and replaced to provide a new sealed joint. The obvious challenge arising from this situation is to find an alternative adhesive/sealant that is safe and provides a permanently effective solution. A tall order, you might well say, but the justifiable and necessitous expectation of kitchen fitters in this particular instance. What is required is a single safe adhesive/sealant that adheres and seals simultaneously to provide a permanent effective solution. In recent times a Company by the name of CT1 has researched and developed a product that bonds and seals at the same time to provide a long-lasting fix. The eponymous product CT1 meets the full criteria for an ideal bonding sealing solution to fitting a metal sink to a worktop.

The revolutionary solution for all your bonding/sealing needs

CT1 is the perfect solution for fixing a metal sink into place in a kitchen worktop. It performs two tasks at the same time, adhering and sealing, providing a long lasting sealed bond of great strength and flexibility that allows for material movement with no compromise on product performance and integrity. When applied to the sink/worktop joint this revolutionary bonding agent provides a high tensile strength bond that seals simultaneously and ensures a watertight joint that is long lasting. This unique product has a formulation that is solvent free and is resistant to UV and vibration. Even with a grip strength of 265n/cm it has a flexibility that tolerates material movement and yet retains its strength and top performance. These are revolutionary attributes that make CT1 the go to adhesive/sealant for all construction bonding requirements. Unlike most of its competitors, it is safe and permanently effective and has grown exponentially in popularity across the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and many countries in Europe. Its continuing growth in sales is testament to its efficacy as the top adhesive/sealant on the market. Its virtues have been extolled by the Construction Industry and it has become de rigueur the single most used bonding product by trades people across the whole building sector. CT1 has also recorded record sales to the DIY sector and continues to grow in popularity with them as the most effective product of its kind available. This versatile product has multiple uses as attested by a varied clientele. It is very popular with the food and medical industries thanks to its food safe credentials and certification as an environmentally friendly adhesive/sealant. Once your sink is fitted securely with the assistance of CT1 the kitchen worktop/sink bond will be sealed and permanently effective.

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