How to emergency patch cracked car lights.

Should your car light lens cover be damaged in an accidental minor collision or through a stone

being thrown up by a vehicle in front there is a practical solution to patching the broken light. A tried and tested super glue can shorten an unexpected roadside stop by effectively bonding and sealing the crack in the lens cover. Theoretically the crack repair should be instant to restore the light’s integrity until a new light cover can be fitted. The reality is challenging – finding a bonding product that will work safely, effectively and even permanently, dispensing with the need for the light cover replacement. Many proprietary superglues claim their prowess as all singing and dancing bonding products but in reality they fail in their ability to glue efficiently and effectively on a long term basis. The product required to shorten this roadside stop needs to bond and seal simultaneously to provide a sealed light unit that will function with no water penetration to threaten the electrics and the integrity of the lighting unit. Not surprisingly, questioning voices have queried the existence of such an amazing product and have been disappointed for a long time. Thankfully that situation has been transformed with the development of a revolutionary superglue that actually does what it says on the figurative tin. Superfast Plus, developed by CT1, is proving to be that amazing bonding and sealing solution that they longed for in the past.

There is an ideal bonding and sealing solution now available.

CT1 have researched and developed this revolutionary super glue with the Construction Industry in mind. It means that the product is exceptionally strong but moreover is also able to seal simultaneously. Its unique formulation as an Ethyl Cyanoacrylate Monomer enables it to bond practically any material with high tensile strength and long lasting effect. As a solvent free compound it is non toxic and is resistant to solvents, oils and benzene. Its UV resistance means it has a greatly reduced risk of shrinking or cracking.These attributes make it particularly suitable to use with glass and plastic so it is the solution of choice for fixing a cracked light cover. In fact its efficiency is such that a cracked light cover could be fixed permanently dispensing with the need and cost of having to replace it. This magical adhesive dries clear so it will not discolour the car light or cause a light obstruction in the lens cover. Its resistance to atmospheric changes and temperature fluctuations as well as its tolerance of vibration are all attributes that add to its effectiveness as a permanent bonding/sealing repair solution for a cracked car light. It is easily dispensed from either a bottle or aerosol and works instantly on contact with the target material to provide a fast permanent fix. Superfast Plus is one of the most versatile products of its kind and is commended by patrons of multiple Industries who extol its virtues as a solution for all bonding requirements such is its instant grab, high tensile strength and long lasting effectiveness.

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