How to easily remove paint from wooden furniture

When it comes to stripping paint from wooden furniture, you need to find a method that gets the job done without leaving scratches or unwanted distress to the surface of your furniture. The problem is that traditional methods, such as stripping with heat, can be a serious hazard. Heat guns are very hot, so you need to use caution and be careful that you don’t accidentally burn your skin.

If you want to remove paint from wooden furniture, you need to use a safer alternative such as Peel Tec from C-Tec. Peel Tec is a Methyl Chloride free product that can safely and effectively remove paint without asking for too much of your time or energy. Since its highly anticipated release, Peel Tec has taken the construction industry by storm. Painters who have discovered this product have introduced it as a regular and vital aid to their tool kit.


Peel Tec – An easy-to-use paint stripper

You don’t have to be a professional painter to use Peel Tec. It comes in a handy aerosol container and applies as a clean spray gel, making it easy to target the exact area of paint you want to remove with complete precision. Whether you’re a professional painter, a construction worker or a handyman/handywoman, anyone can use Peel Tec thanks to its easy application process.

Once you apply Peel Tec to paint on a wooden surface, it immediately gets to work at gently but effectively removing the paint. Within 10 minutes, the residual melt will be easy to remove with a classic scraper. The paint residue will lift easily and it’s not as messy as you might think. You can have the entire job completed very quickly and in far less time than you would if you used heat or some other form of paint removal. Beneath the old paint lies a pristine surface that is free from the old paint and ready for a new coat of your choosing.

Peel Tec removes all paint fast and with no fuss. It’s a revolutionary product and the latest development in paint removal. It’s also 100% Methyl Chloride Free! Since the EU banned this substance, the industry has struggled to find an effective replacement. Some tried other substances and only achieved mediocre results. However, C-Tec has found the perfect replacement that works even better than any paint remover product before it.

When you use Peel Tec to remove paint from wooden furniture, it doesn’t cause any damage to the material beneath the removed paint. Instead of being greeted with nasty scratches and scuffs, you’re left with a clinically clean base for the smooth application of a fresh coat of paint. As a versatile solution to paint removal, Peel Tec is the number one product for the safe and efficient removal of paint from wooden furniture and other surfaces.

Peel Tec does exactly what it claims with no mess, no fuss and no room for disappointment. It’s the best paint stripper on the market, especially if you need to remove paint in the safest way possible.

To see the incredible results that Peel Tec is capable of, make sure that you find your local distributor and try it for yourself! – You won’t be disappointed; we can guarantee it.

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