How to cure a leak in Solar Panels

Solar Panels consist of a series of plastic pipes looped closely behind the panels themselves  which carry solar heated water throughout the system. Should any of the water pipes develop a leak, solar panels have to be removed to access the pipe work to make repairs. That can be a time consuming process with a financial cost which is inhibitive in view of the fact that there is a viable alternative. There are a number of liquid sealants that claim the capability of curing water leaks from within the heating system but you need to find one that actually works and adheres to strict component criteria for a safe and effective solution. Whatever causes the leak in the pipework you need a sealant that is compatible with the system antifreeze, can protect seals and any mechanical parts, is non corrosive and does not block the system. That is a difficult challenge as available solutions do not comply with all the strict product criteria that defines a credible product. The question is how to resolve the problem given the traditional sealants that do not quite measure up to the criteria for a safe and effective water leak repair. You really need to research the product market and find a solution that meets and exceeds client expectations in delivering effective and safe sealant repairs. Product claims should be backed up with positive product testimonials to provide that extra assurance and credibility.

A miracle cure for solar panel leaks has been invented

Thankfully a revolutionary new sealant which fulfils all the criteria for a safe and effective product has arrived on the market. Specifically designed and developed for the Construction Industry this eponymously named Miracle Seal is the brainchild of C Tec who have brought this amazing water leak sealant to the public at large. The winner of countless accolades, this magical product introduces a whole new perspective to the idea of miraculous water leak cures. It is a water based sealant whose chemical formulation ensures it does not clog the system, unlike many of its polymer based alternatives. It works equally effectively on copper and plastic pipes and is compatible with antifreeze so it is the ideal solution for repairing leaks in solar panels. It overcomes the issue of accessing the leaking pipe and provides a permanent seal which is a God’s send when dealing with solar panels. Otherwise a solar panel technician will have to be employed to make good the repair with the possibility of having to replace the solar panel and that is an expensive option . Miracle Seal comes in a non compressed 250ml container. This high viscosity granular liquid has simply to be well shaken before being poured into the system where it forms a perfect seal to cure the leak in the solar panels. Its name is a fitting accolade to a sealant that is truly miraculous and actually does what it claims.

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