How to Clean and Remove Bird Droppings

Cleaning bird droppings isn’t the most pleasant task in the world, but it has to be done. Instead of making the process more difficult than it has to be, choose a fast acting multipurpose solvent that will remove bird droppings in a matter of seconds. Multisolve is C-Tec’s revolutionary solvent product that has all of the other solvents in the market quivering with fear. As an aliphatic solvent, Multisolve can not only completely clean bird droppings from virtually any base material, but it will do so without damaging the user or the surrounding surface.

To use this solvent is very simple. It is contained in a handy 200ml or 500ml aerosol which allows the user to simply point and spray the solution onto the desired surface. As soon as the solvent makes contact with the material you wish to remove, you will begin to notice how the components start to break apart as if by magic. This makes treatment incredibly easy as all you have to do is take a damp cloth and wipe away the remaining residue (bird droppings). The substance will lift without any elbow grease needed, decreasing the amount of time it would have taken if you had have chosen a different solvent to battle the problem.

Most people are surprised to learn that they need a solvent to remove bird droppings. The reason for this is because bird droppings is actually a type of adhesive and unfortunately, water just won’t do the trick. On the bright side, Multisolve is just as safe as water in terms of removing adhesives without damaging base materials or harming the skin. Many solvents tend to burn the skin and can cause a great deal of irritation when contact is made. However, Multisolve is 100% aliphatic, which is a far safer form of solvent and one that you can trust.

If you need to remove bird droppings from a car, van or boat etc. Multisolve is the tool for the job. The problem with finding the right solvent to remove bird droppings from vehicles derives when you cannot locate a solvent that will clean the droppings without damaging or removing the paint beneath it. Thankfully, Multisolve can be used on painted surfaces without damage. Instead, this solvent will only target the bird droppings, detaching it from the painted surface whilst allowing the paint to remain completely intact.

Multisolve can also be used to remove a great deal of other tough to clean materials such as tar, wax, oil, grease, adhesives, silicone, sealant, paraffin and a huge list of potential substances. As a multi-purpose solvent, you won’t find a higher quality bird dropping remover than C-Tec’s Multisolve.

Multisolve – The Ultimate Bird Dropping Cleaner and Bird Dropping Remover


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