How to Clean Alloy Wheels

Multisolve, the revolutionary multipurpose solvent from C-Tec, is the number one product on the market for cleaning Alloy Wheels. This of course was not its initial purpose, but since this multipurpose cleaner has been introduced to the market by C-TEC (the home of construction products to the building industry), people have now discovered it’s the only product that will clean Alloy wheels safely and thoroughly.

Multisolve will remove dust, tar, oil and practically any dirt visible on the Alloy wheels. Cleaning alloy wheels was once a very long and drawn out process, which often involved taking the entire wheel off in order to properly clean the alloy wheel. Most cleaners would often taint the alloy wheels or tarnish the paintwork, so more often than not, having a set of dirty alloy wheels was a safer choice than clean alloy wheels! This made the job of cleaning alloy wheels far more trouble than it was worth. That is, until Multisolve came to the rescue.

Multisolve is now the number 1 solvent for Cleaning your Alloy wheels.

As a multipurpose solvent, Multisolve can battle against scuffed, cracked and corroded wheels without any real effort. Beforehand, trying to polish these or diminishing their appearance somehow usually resulted in the erosion of the bodywork as well as the downhill performance of the alloy wheels themselves. Instead of using a traditional alloy wheel cleaner, which usually didn’t work effectively without causing excess damage to its surroundings, it’s a better solution to opt for Multisolve. The reason for this is because this solvent will not damage the base material whilst still cleaning the alloy wheels to perfection.

Multisolve can now clean alloy wheels safely and it will even replace all of the tools and special solvents required for cleaning alloy wheels. To tackle the job of cleaning Alloy wheels, one was usually required to have a long list of needed tools and equipment such as an Absorbent sponge, Microfiber sponge, Wheel cleaner abrasive pad on a stick, Toothbrush (preferably not your own!), Mild solution of citric acid, Bucket of water with a god quality car shampoo/detergent, Jack and wheel brace, Hose with a powerful jet, Elbow grease and the Patience of a saint.

All of this was blown out of the water once the discovery of Multisolve took place. You no longer were required to go shopping for an endless supply of cleaning materials, all you need now is one Multisolve aerosol to clean alloy wheels.

This multipurpose unique solvent has now changed the labour some task of cleaning alloy wheels into a 5-minute stress free and pain free job. With its amazing degreasing properties that was devised originally for the construction industry is now widely used in the building, automotive, hotels and painting industries.

Multisolve the number 1 product on the market for cleaning Alloy wheels.


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