How To Choose The Right Mould Resistant Sealant For Wet Rooms

Mould resistant sealants must have the ability to resist not only mould, but fungal infestation too. If you choose the wrong mould resistant sealant for your wet room, you could face the possibility of having to remove and replace the sealant for an actual mould resistant sealant that does exactly what it claims. Finding the right mould resistant sealant for wet rooms is so important because as you’re probably aware, mould is linked to numerous health implications such as breathing difficulties, irritated skin, allergies, and many more.

We wanted to provide our customers with a true mould resistant sealant for wet rooms that could repel bacteria and microbes at a very high level. So, our trusted research and development team got to work to create a new and improved mould resistant sealant that the world has never seen before.

BT1 is the latest development in mould resistant sealants. Made with our unique TRIBRID® Technology, BT1 is the ultimate wet room sealant with mould resistance properties unlike anything in the building industry.


Taking mould resistant sealants to the next level

The newly launched TRIBRID® Technology formula found in BT1 mould resistant sealant combats all forms of fungus and bacteria. Bacteria and microbes cannot survive on the surface of BT1. It’s been scientifically proven to resist mould and fungal infestations. Without having to worry about mould growth in your wet room, it is now much easier to maintain a hygienic surface, even in damp and warm conditions where bacteria usually thrive. BT1 is also free of solvents and isocyanates, which makes it a much healthier option for all of your sealant applications.

Due to its mould resistance capabilities, BT1 is the best sanitaryware product for use within public health institutions such as clinics and hospitals. This is welcomed news for the healthcare industry, who are constantly faced with pressures to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria. Although many microbes can be airborne, they will not be able to cling to the surface of BT1 sealant because they cannot survive there. This is thanks to BT1’s revolutionary TRIBRID® Technology, which has skyrocketed this mould resistant sealant to the top of the leader board for sanitary sealants and adhesives.


Increased power, increased strength

BT1 stands for Bathroom Technology No. 1, which is a fitting title for this product considering its immense power and strength. It’s suitable for all applications, including wet rooms and bathrooms. It bonds to most materials even in wet conditions and provides a strong and durable bond without attacking or damaging the synthetic material. It’s suitable for on mirror applications too, which means you can use BT1 to hang mirrors directly on the wall without the need for additional fixings.

BT1 is available in white, but it can be painted if desired. It works best with water-based paints rather than Alkyd paints but if you want the best results, it’s a good idea to patch test an area of the sealant with your chosen paint before committing.

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