How to Build a Wooden Birdhouse

Building your own birdhouse is a great opportunity to provide winged visitors to your home a pleasant place to stay and the chance to ruffle their feathers. By providing wild birds with a safe and comfortable home, you are encouraging them to enter your garden and fill the area with beautiful tunes year after year. It also allows them to rest peacefully away from dangerous predators such as foxes. In addition to this, you will only require a few pieces of wood and a strong adhesive to create a gorgeous and productive birdhouse from home. It’s also a great way to get the kids involved in a creative task on a rainy day!

Step One

You will need to connect the bottom piece of wood together with the back panel. You can do this with a wood bonding glue such as Superfast Plus. Once the glue has dried and the wood is firmly attached together, you can move onto the next stage.

Step Two

Next up is the roof. Usually, a bird house roof will be made of two wooden panels slanted upwards like a triangle top. You can of course create a flat roof if you prefer. The best way to attach the roof is to do so with the back of the house lying on a stable surface area to allow you to attach the roof without any hassle.

Step Three

You may wish to add support braces for extra stability. You will also need to add a back panel to the roof if necessary. You can also use Superfast Plus for this since the adhesive is excellent at bonding wood to wood. Don’t forget to add the perch hole to allow the birds to enter the house. You may also wish to add a small rod to the hole to allow birds to perch on it.

Finishing Touches

To finish off the birdhouse, don’t forget to take some time to sand the holes and edges. This allows for a nice smooth entrance so that the birds feathers don’t get caught to any rough edges of the wood. Once you have finished making your own birdhouse, you can add a personal touch with some paint.

Superfast Plus

This colourless adhesive is super strong and effective. It acts fast, which is perfect for building a birdhouse because you can add the necessary pieces without having to drill any holes. This adhesive is used in the industrial and construction industry, as well as being used in the home. It is extremely versatile and is the number one superglue available on the market.


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