How to Bond Wood to Metal

How to stick Wood to Metal on the face of it shouldn’t be that difficult but why then is the question so frequently asked? When trying to adhere these materials the available products on the market sufficient in their technology to create a permanent bond for Wood to Metal are normally, a one component mastic or 2 component epoxy.

When sticking these materials the adhesive has to create a fusion bond and remain flexible as the timber will expand and contract. The revolutionary product is the unique CT1 sealant and construction adhesive.

CT1 has a formidable initial grab and phenomenal stick, especially for adhering these products. It will remain flexible allowing movement between the two materials joints.
It is a unique hybrid polymer formulation that can be applied on wet surfaces even underwater.

CT1 contains no solvents and will not etch into these materials after they have been glued. It will also act as a formidable sealant for sealing wood, metal, plastic, glass, lead, tiles, showers, baths and endless materials. Before applying it is recommended to clean the surface with MSV Multisolve. For heavy duty vertical adhering, PGB – Power Grab n Bond is the answer.


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