How to bond a wooden fireplace to a chimney wall.

Traditionally, wooden fireplace surrounds are attached to a chimney wall by drilling it and screwing the fireplace into position. It is a tedious, dusty, time consuming and labour intensive process with fire surround metal connection tabs having to be sunk in the wall. Plaster has to be cut back to accommodate the metal tabs which have to be screwed in place and the resulting holes made good – again more labour intensive work that can be costly. Fireplace fitters would really appreciate a more user friendly method of installing wooden fire surrounds but until now they have had to make do with the traditional drill and screw approach. The challenge has been to find an alternative effective way of attaching the surround to the wall without all the aggravation normally encountered. Thankfully an inventive Company have managed to research and develop a heavy duty bonding product that is the ideal replacement for drills and screws. Though a number of industrial type adhesives have been around for a while they lacked convincing performance and proved to be only a temporary solution, failing to adhere on an effective and permanent basis. The new revolutionary adhesive from CT1 fills that lacune and provides a viable alternative to drilling.

A new super strength adhesive proves its mettle.

CT1’s Power Grab n Bond provides a real alternative to traditional methods for fitting wooden fire surrounds. No more drilling, dust, holes and screws with an amazing solvent free bonding agent that effectively replaces the tiresome old procedure. A uniquely formulated adhesive based on the Company’s flagship hybrid polymer sealant/adhesive – the eponymous CT1 – this revolutionary heavy duty adhesive is earmarked for the most difficult jobs having been designed with the Construction in mind. It has an exceptionally high initial grab and cures to an extremely strong bond that is resistant to impact and vibration. Though it has maximum grip it still retains flexibility which allows positioning and adjustment of the fire surround without it slipping out of place. A truly enigmatic bonding solution for both interior and exterior use, its exciting and efficient attributes have made it the number one choice of construction quality adhesive for a growing population of trades people across theUK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. In fact it has quickly developed into the heavy duty bonding solution of choice for DIY adherents as well as industrial operatives. It is compatible with practically all materials and is tolerant to extreme temperatures and weather extremes. It neither shrinks or disintegrates and retains its integrity whatever the prevailing conditions. Its prowess as an efficient vertical bonding adhesive means it is adept at adhering granite and marble slabs to exterior walls with no slippage and very strong adhesion.

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