How to Become More DIY Confident with CT1

How confident are you at conducting DIY tasks around your home? How you approach home improvement tasks says a lot about your prior experience and the confidence you have in your tools and products.

Working with products or tools that you’re unsure of can throw a literal spanner in the works for any DIY project. They can often overcomplicate a task, add extra time to it, or mean you have to exert a lot more energy than you’d initially planned. But, when you have products and tools you can trust to help you, not hinder you, it’s easy to become more DIY confident.

That old phrase “a bad workman blames his tools” can easily be flipped and understood as, a good workman thanks his tools! While experience is usually key to achieving a great result, when it comes to DIY, nothing helps you get a professional outcome like high-quality tools and products. In fact, the trickiest part of DIY for any workman is often knowing what to use and how to use it.

At C-Tec, we make products suitable for all people in the construction industry, including decorators with 30+ years of experience and people tackling their first DIY job today. Our aim is to help you get high-quality results right off the bat. So you don’t need years of experience to get a fantastic finish – all you need is an easy-to-use product that you can trust and use with confidence.

Enter CT1, otherwise known as “The Snag List Eliminator”. CT1 is the ultimate sealant and construction adhesive suitable for an extensive range of at-home applications. You may think that such a comprehensive product must be difficult to use or require years of experience – quite the contrary. CT1’s uses are so wide-ranging because it’s so easy to use! It’s a catch-all sealant that, in just one use, can make any DIY rookie feel like a home improvement pro.


What is CT1 used for?

CT1 is a unique hybrid polymer formulated with TRIBRID® technology. This makes it a brilliant all-purpose sealant that can be used as a filler, a bonding agent, and much more. You can use it to fill gaps, mount mirrors, repair leaks, install paneling, fix cracks…the list of DIY jobs CT1 can help you with is almost endless. Hence its nickname as “The Snag List Eliminator”!

How to use CT1

If it’s your first time using CT1, here are some handy tips to help you tackle whatever DIY job is at hand with total confidence.

  1. Snip the tip of the CT1 nozzle. Cut it small at first and increase the size of the hole if needed. This helps you manage the product distribution.
  2. If you have a caulking gun, load the CT1 cartridge into it. While it’s not necessary to use one, it can make it easier to apply the sealant – especially for bigger jobs.
  3. Apply even pressure and distribute the CT1 as needed. If you’re using CT1 to fill or seal, ensure you smooth out the area immediately afterwards. If you’re using CT1 to bond, attach the objects right away. CT1 cures instantly, so don’t hang around!


And that’s it! To get your hands on this powerful, easy-to-use product, visit our retail partner, Wickes.



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