How to attach UPVC wall panels

The most effective and quickest way to attach UPVC wall panels is to use a tried and tested safe hybrid polymer adhesive that has immediate grab and long lasting bonding effect. UPVC wall panels add a touch of style to your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or playroom providing a decorative and functional finish. They come with tongue and groove as standard in a number of different styles including : hygienic wall cladding; white marble effect panels; shower wall waterproof panels; hollow soft board pvc cladding; small tile effect panels for bathrooms; platinum white sparkling panels and purple, red, grey, and black sparkle panels for walls or ceilings. Internal cladding is quick to instal if you use the right adhesive/sealant for attaching them to the walls or ceilings. These UPVC panels are very sensitive to chemicals, as cleaning instructions clearly state when warning you to be wary of using abrasive cleaners. That is why a safe bonding product is required to attach them effectively to the target area –  one that does not attack synthetic materials causing blemishing or surface damage yet adheres with total integrity and longevity. The challenge is finding a bonding product with the requisite properties. A number of adhesives have been developed that claim the ability to do the job but on scrutiny fail the safe test. A void left by this anomaly has finally been filled by a revolutionary adhesive/sealant that ticks all the boxes as the perfect bonding solution – the ideal method for attaching UPVC panels to walls and ceilings.

A safe efficient multi application adhesive/sealant has arrived.

A revolutionary sealant/adhesive, that has multiple applications, has been developed by CT1 with the Construction Industry in mind. It joins a family of adhesives and sealants developed and manufactured CT1 that are reshaping and replacing many traditional wood glues and other bonding and sealing products. Now more popularly known, from a marketing perspective, as the ‘Snag List Eliminator’, this amazing eponymous bonding product CT1, combines strength with flexibility offering a long lasting effective adhesive and sealing solution. Uniquely formulated to meet the adhesive demands of practically all industrial applications, this hybrid polymer product combines versatility with efficiency in complying with environmental and food safe standards. It is an odourless non toxic adhesive. Not only does this product ‘do what it says on the tin’ in terms of instant grab ability and phenomenal tensile strength but cures to a bond that is actually stronger than the material itself. Its properties include : resistance to chemicals, vibration and water penetration and it can be applied in under water conditions to provide an effective long lasting adhesive seal. It does not attack synthetic materials which makes it the perfect product for attaching UPVC wall panels. It is also resistant to fungal growth which is an essential quality in bathroom applications where moisture is a continually present element. As a solvent free and UV resistant adhesive/sealant CT1 does not shrink or crack in any conditions, retaining its bonding integrity without compromise. UPVC panels can be successfully fixed in position with CT1, dispensing with the need for nails, screws or any other fixings.

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