How to attach natural stone facing to a concrete block pier.

The traditional method of attaching natural stone facing to a concrete block pier is mortar. The process is labour intensive. You have to mix sand, cement and water to form a mortar that has to be applied with a trowel to either the stone facing or pier surface to attach the natural stone facade. For extensive jobs a cement mixer is used to speed up the mortar making process and it might require several skilled workers to complete the task. There is extra expense in either hiring or purchasing a mixer to do the job and the operation is a dirty messy procedure that requires preparation and clean up. The stone mason and DIY aficionado wonders if there is not an easier alternative to this laborious conventional method. Thankfully a revolutionary adhesive solution is now available to replace the whole paraphernalia of the historic stone facing process. An extremely strong heavy duty adhesive has been invented by a Company well known for its inventory of successful sealants and adhesives developed with the Construction sector in mind. It is a total replacement for all mechanical fixings and supports and replaces the need for mortar to adhere the stone facing to the concrete block pier. Its efficiency is startlingly good and it has de facto become the adhesive of choice for increasing numbers of industrial operatives across all trades and industries.

An efficient heavy duty adhesive is now available.

CT1, the adhesive and sealant power house have invented yet another super adhesive product designed to meet the requirements of the Construction Industry. Its unique formulation based on their flagship hybrid polymer adhesive/sealant – the eponymous CT1 – possesses added strength that is more than capable of meeting the most demanding bonding tasks. It is designed with superb grab and high tensile strength to meet the most demanding vertical bonding challenges and acquits itself with great aplomb. Product reviews reflect adhesive performance that has received the endorsement of a fast growing consumer fan base. Trades people across Europe extol its virtues and it has quickly become the number one adhesive of choice for operatives in a range of industries including in particular the Construction sector. Having its formulation based around the Company’s ‘Snag List Eliminator’ the eponymous CT1, this extra strong adhesive possesses properties that protect it from any exterior conditions including extreme temperatures and weather fluctuations. Its constituent parts make it resistant to impact, vibration and chemicals in general, including oil and grease and it is non corrosive. Compatible with practically any materials it is safe to use on all surfaces without fear of blemishing or damage of any kind. You can stick large slabs of stone, granite or marble to vertical surfaces with immediate effect and no slippage to provide a vice-like strong permanent bond. Power Grab n Bond is the effective solvent free replacement for all conventional fixings. You can imagine a cleanly attached natural stone facing that is done in a fraction of the time necessary for conventional attachment methodology.

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